Speed Limit on Highways to be increased to 140 KPH – Proposed Traffic Rule

Traffic rules and regulations is a serious matter for any country and especially one like Saudi Arabia. With time, the population has increased and the infrastructure has changed a lot which calls upon the authorities to develop new traffic plans which use up to date technology in line with the latest development.

The Ministry of Interior is, therefore, developing a new traffic plan. This was declared by the five leading officials of the Ministry of Interior in a press conference. They confirmed that the new traffic plans will be announced in the near future.[irp]

One important aspect of this traffic plan is that the speed limit on the highway is being considered to be raised to 140 KPH as the brilliantly built expressways can surely offer this much luxury to the driver. The senior official in the Ministry of the interior, Maj. Gen. Bassam Al-Atiyah stressed upon the public safety programs.

It is important to mention here that the maximum allowed speed on most of the highways in Saudi Arabia is 120 KPH. However, on some highways, it goes up to 130 KPH. There is no highway in our knowledge where the maximum allowed speed goes up to 140 KPH.

He said that the driving schools should be in line with these programs. He further stressed on this point by saying that the magnitude of fines for over-speeding is being reconsidered which include the violation of public safety.

It was further stated that the new traffic plan is being developed very carefully by revising the current version and updating the current strategic plan so that it is in line with the National Transformation Program (NTP).

Brig. Gen. Muhammad Al-Bassami, director of the Traffic Department emphasized on the fact that the driving schools should be improved and that the rules, regulations, bylaws and technical specifications of the driving schools are being studied for this matter.

The use of new technology in line with latest developments includes the use of CCTV technology for the monitoring systems. The data collected in the past shows that this advancement is needed in the new traffic plans in order for the plan to be effective.

The step taken for a new traffic plan and the developments being made in it is truly positive and necessary for a country like Saudi Arabia. 

Source: Saudi Gazette

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