How people receive Bribes in form of gifts in Saudi Arabia?

Bribe, an unlawful amount given to someone to do something illegally. The bribe is forbidden both by manmade rules and has been strictly forbidden in every religion. For Muslims, taking, receiving and even giving bribe is a major sin.

A bribe is an immoral act, which snatches away the rights of the rightful and creates an imbalance in the society. Same story related to bribe came forward when a doctor described how an Asian agent of a Saudi contractor came to his hospital to get the hospital contract and how was inducing him to settle everything under the table.[irp]

The hospital management explained to the contracting company that the specification of the electronic system they have presented did not match the hospital requirement, but he was not willing to give up. He was ready to give bribe in any form just to win the golden order.

The doctor said, after the meeting with the contractor, he started sending its agents to win the hearts of the doctors to secure the deal. The agent bought sandwiches and claimed that he was staying close to the hospital and decided to bring some sandwiches to have breakfast with the doctor.

The agent was forced to leave the office along with his sandwiches. This was not over. The same agent continued visiting the hospital. He once again entered the doctor’s office with a smile on his face and said his boss the owner of the company conveyed Salaam to you.

The doctor said, “The agent then pushed the door and entered to my office without my permission and put the latest version of Samsung smartphone and Dell laptop on my table as a gift. I remember very well how I felt insulted and how my heartbeat accelerated to this incident.

I became extremely angry and asked him not to enter my office again. The doctor met her boss and explained the situation and told him that I consider the gift as a bribe? The boss answered, “How can you describe this as a bribe?

If the gift was a Mercedes or Rolls-Royce or transfer of money to a bank account, we could call it bribery.” The doctor wasn’t surprised by the response of her boss because it was not for the first time she has to face such response from her boss.

She said that after a week, the company’s owner himself came to meet her and apologized her and said he wanted to make the things better which were corrupted by his agent. He talked about the gift and asked her to select any other mobile phone she liked.

She said, “He showed me a catalog of other cell phones and smiled mischievously. I felt that I was about to lose self-confidence and back down from my stand after knowing that my boss does not consider every gift as a bribe.”

She said she felt speechless on the behavior of that man but after some minutes of silence, he extended his credit card to use it for meeting her needs. She said even that man don’t consider it as a bribe, they usually say that they give such special gifts to their privileged customers.

But to her, that money was just bribe and nothing else. She threw the card and left her office. But what she further saw was surprising to her. She said that her boss apologized that man for her uncivilized response.

Her boss was angry at her reactions and he called her to give her a long lecture. She said that her boss advised me that my intentions should be pure whatever the situation is. She even explained that the gifts she refused to accept from the company’s agent were accepted by her boss saying it is just a gift not bribe. She felt angry and helpless at that time.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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