Saudi Prince arrested for threatening with a Machine Gun in Public

The camera is being used for filming almost everything now. Now there are smartphones with the camera and you can capture any moment, any happening and anything you wish to put it on social media and share, and a new term “viral” is what we hear.

Almost many incidents, events, work is recorded now. Used for purposes, both good and bad. Overall it brings awareness. Earlier this week Saudi Prince Mashhoor bin Talal bin Saud has been arrested with four others for fighting in the street. It was reported that Prince Mashhoor allegedly threatened civilians with a gun.[irp]

He was arrested because his video which was made by some civilian during the fight became viral on social media. That video stood as a crime in the Kingdom. Soon as this video became viral many of the Saudi citizens reacted to it with anger and called the authorities to take action against those who are involved in this fight and threatened the people.

Saudi Gazette has reported that five people were arrested including Prince Mashhoor. Four are Saudi citizen and one is Sudani among the arrested people. They were fighting in front of a school in Northern Riyadh.

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During the fight, the prince companions waved a gun at several people and later left in a car which had no number plate. General Fawaz Al Meman (spokesman of Riyadh region police) said, “Riyadh police officers were successfully able to identify those involved.

They include 4 Saudis and a Sudanese expat. They have all been arrested and authorities have now seized the weapon used in the fight”. He said that the fight was due to some previous difference between two groups involved in a fight.

He further said that the Attorney General’s Riyadh region office has been informed about this incident. Authorities are still investigating and are continuing to detain anyone connected with this case.

Now the Saudi citizens are happy and relaxed hearing the news the all who were involved in the fight were arrested. They were thankful to King Salman that it was his pleasure who ordered to immediate arrest. They were also thankful to the authorities and all those who called to take action against this illegal act.

People were happy with the order of King Salman and said he will not let any criminal to break the law and threaten the safety of the people of Kingdom. People are eagerly waiting for the Order of punishing these five arrested from King Mohammad bin Salman.

Justice was served and laws were obeyed in this case too, which is a very good sign. Despite the fact that a prince was involved in this case, justice has prevailed, and he is arrested. We often see VIP culture in almost every country where the powerful ones are above the law, but this is an example for them too.

Justice is equality and so shall be every citizen treated equally. The Saudi Government is doing a great job along with the courts and Law Enforcement Agencies in doing justice and giving everyone their rights. Appreciated and a very good step for the future because a just Kingdom has a longer life.

Source: Saudi Gazette