How are Saudi Princes and Ministers spending their time inside the Ritz Carlton?

The anti-corruption campaign has been a great success. Many important personalities were taken into custody on the orders of anti-corruption committee Chaired by Crown Prince. It is said that out of many people who were arrested, there were 11 princes, 4 sitting ministers and tens of former ministers.

Many of us would think that the prominent figures taken into custody for corruption would be held in some prison but these prominent are imprisoned at Riyadh Ritz-Carlton. The Ritz Carlton is the most prestigious of luxury hotels in the in the Saudi Kingdom.[irp]

Since 4th of November, it has been converted into a gilded prison. 200 of the most influential people of Saudi Arabia are said to be imprisoned inside which include 11 Saudi princes, two of them are nephews of King Salman. These people are accused of corruption, abuse of power and money laundering.

Many prisoners keep to themselves and stay in their room and prevail the luxuries of the hotel. They spend most of their time discussing matters with their lawyers. They do not make any statements so they do not get into any other type of mess.

Their phones have been taken but a hotline is available to them from which they can call their lawyers, family members or even the leading members of their companies in order to keep their companies running.

It is not like any other detention center. The gilded prison has restaurants, luxury swimming pools, gym and much more. On the November 4th when these people were brought here they were angry at being accused and thought this would not last long enough.

As the days passed they realized it was serious and now when substantial evidence has been presented, 95% of them are ready to settle by giving back a substantial amount of money for their freedom. Weeks have passed and many have been asking questions as to why this purge happened here and right now outside this prison, all have gone down well.

Saudi Arabia welcomes a corruption-free era as the 32-year-old ambitious crown prince Muhammad Salman takes on princes, billionaires, and senior ministers in order to wipe out corruption and send a strong message to anyone who tries to do this in the future but, with the risks of creating enemies and uncertainty which could endanger the very stability and reforms that his Kingdom badly needs.

The crown prince hopes that everyone will be checking out of this prison by the end of this year. If this matter drags on, more questions will be asked from within the country and abroad as to what’s going inside the prison.

Source: BBC

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