Medical Error: Carbon dioxide pumped in place of Oxygen resulting in immediate death

Zaidan Al-Jabbar accused the medical team of showing negligence in surgery of his son who died of a medical error during a laparoscopic surgery at King Khaled Hospital in Najran. Zaidan’s son Diyab Zaidan Al-Jabbar was admitted to remove excess fat from his abdomen to reduce weight

Unfortunately, he lost his life because of the carelessness of the medical team. The father said that he has full confidence in the Legal Health committee that it would establish justice and avoid negligent medical staff of the hospital.[irp]

The father said that his son Diyab died at King Khaled hospital following a surgical operation four years ago. The committee immediately called the director general of health for questioning. It is the first time the Legal Health Department is calling the Director General of Health in a region for investigation as the incident took place while he was working in Najran.

The hearing was held in health affairs department in Najran on Sunday when the statement of defendants accused of causing Diyab Zaidan Al-Jabbar”s death was heard. This committee called Zaidan Khazdiran Al-Jabbar (Diyab’s father), his legal agent Ali Mahdi Al-Hattab, The Director General of Health and five members of the medical team that conducted the operation.

This case was then withdrawn from the legal committee of Najran to the legal committee. The health ministry appointed a new investigation committee including Dr. Zafer Matar consultant laparoscopic surgery at King Saud Medical City in Riyadh, Dr. Ismail Al-Zaazoue from the follow-up department and Ali Al-Aamiri administrative inspector at the ministry.

After the investigation, the results that came out were surprising. The committee found that a large amount of carbon dioxide was injected into the patient abdomen during the surgery, this caused internal bleeding during the surgery which causes the death of the young man.

They found that the anesthesiologist had no idea how to deal with pulmonary embolism which Diyab was suffering from. According to the report, it was found that the patient blood pressure declined to the lowest in 45 minutes after the operation.

Pumping carbon dioxide gas instead of Oxygen increased patient’s heartbeat and carbon content in the blood leading to sudden stoppage of his heart. This caused the damaging of the blood vessel which was the main cause of increasing internal bleeding.

The doctor tried their best to recover patient’s heart, they also gave him more blood, plasma, and fluids but his blood pressure did not come normal and continued to decline.  Al- Jabbar told Al Watan Newspaper that he would continue his battle to win his private rights.

He said, “I have confidence in the Kingdom’s Judiciary that it will establish Justice.” He insisted the authorities take strict punitive action against the medical team who showed negligence carrying out their duties. Diyab was in his prime Youth enjoying good health before the surgery.

No doubt to say that medical teams should always be careful while operating a patient, a single negligence can cause the death of the patient and deprive a family of their loved ones. People deeply believe that visiting doctor will help them recover their ailments but after hearing such incidents they feel hopeless.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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