Are women exempt from some traffic penalties in Saudi Arabia?

As we all are quite aware of the fact that Saudi development women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia which is a great step towards women empowerment. After this great step, it was announced that driving license would be issued to women who are good at driving.

Saudi leaders hope that this will help the economy while increasing women participation in many fields. Saudi women were waiting for a very long time to drive. There are many reasons to believe that Saudi Economy will recover by allowing women to drive.[irp]

The decision has been criticized by a few scholars in an insane way. One scholar, during his speech, said that women should not be allowed to drive because they have a quarter of a brain. Saudi authorities immediately took action against him and banned him from making further religious speeches.

Yes, the Royal decree to allow women to drive has been issued by the King, but there are still many Steps needed to start issuing driving licenses to women and to do to bring Saudi women behind the wheels.

After obtaining the right of driving and driving license the first foremost thing is to understand and obey the traffic rules. As these are very important for every citizen to obey the rules and regulations because it represents the discipline of the country.

Parties involved in developing executive regulations on regulatory requirements for women driving in Saudi Arabia are looking into a proposal that exempts women from some traffic violation penalties. It is all because some of the penalties are not suitable for women in many places.

Some of the sanctions include questioning the women driver for the vehicle, keeping their car due to some reason, or stopping their car in some cases. In these cases, the proposal in question would recommend simply paying a penalty without the need to be stopped or to detain a woman’s vehicle.

These proposals were presented in accordance with societal customs and traditions. The customs that aim to ease things for women and help them overcome any obstacle that might stand between them and learn to drive.

This matter will be clearly announced in a press conference that will be held next week. The date will also be announced when women will start learning how to drive in different parts of the country.

Source: Al Arabiya