A Woman wearing Niqab receives an unexpected Note from a Stranger

Hijab is compulsory in Saudi Arabia: The word veil means hijab, which basically refers to the scarf or piece of cloth which covers the head. Muslim women wear hijab or some women also wear ruband (niqab) which means covering the whole front face except the eyes.

However, in Muslim states, most women wear a veil or some wear ruband (niqab). In the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia, Muslim women are officially required to wear hijab in public places. Besides this in many of the western and European states, hijab is prohibited which means women are not allowed to wear veil openly in public places.

Umm-Abdullah wears Hijab and Niqab in Public: There are a lot of cases raised or reported about hijab ban in different non-Muslim states where Muslim women could not possibly wear veil or ruband (niqab).

Similarly, here is a story about a girl, Umm-Abdullah, but this story holds a really positive impact and a good side of people. Umm-Abdullah wears hijab and mostly travel by train in England. Once she was blessed with an amazing comment on her hijab during her travel in train by an English woman.

One day some people were staring at her: Umm-Abdullah shared her experience about receiving a beautiful comment on her hijab during her travel in England which is actually banned there. She explained her story by using a social media site which is Facebook. She shared her story on her Facebook post and then it became viral.

Umm-Abdullah stated that she was traveling on the train as her routine. There were few people who were staring at her and she ignored them as per her daily thing. Some people were curious, some might be feeling sorry for her or some of them didn’t like her dressing or really hated her.

Umm-Abdullah got scared: However, among those, there was just one woman who was sitting opposite to her. She easily noticed that she was looking at her continuously. Every time she would give her response with a smile and then she would quickly change her angle of vision.

Anyhow, this continued to go on throughout her whole journey and then she tried to make some effort. Umm-Abdullah was thinking that the woman who was staring at her might come near to her and stop her. But as soon as the train stopped, the woman just picked up her bag and stood up.

She was given a folded note: She was actually surprised when the woman gave her a folded note into her hands. For a few seconds, she was completely blank and was thinking whether to open it or not. Some panic thoughts clicked her mind as to maybe she was threatening her to stop using hijab or maybe just chewed a piece of gum folded to tease her.

In the meantime, she just opened the note and was surprised to read the enchanting and heartwarming note which consisted of 15 words. She just told that she never read and got such beautiful comments in her life by anyone. The words were:

You look beautiful in your veil (hijab) as same as the full moon in the night sky – Alice.

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In a nutshell, the central idea of this incident is simply that in this world we think negative about people sometimes and harsh words but it is not compulsory that whatever we think is true. All we need to do is believe in good hope because hope is always present in this world.

Source: Ilm Feed