Well of Tuwa in Makkah – where Prophet Muhammad S.A.W took bath

One of the Makkah’s well-known areas is Jarwal which is famous because of its traditional marketplace. Many locals of Makkah love to visit this market where wholesalers and retailers are selling a variety of foodstuffs such as fruits, vegetables, and different such stuff. Trading of hay, seeds, and sheep is also done.

A large part of that market has been moved to Kaakiya but still, many traders are continuing to carry out their business activities like selling pigeon feed in Jarwal.  Many Bedouins used to visit the marketplace to buy foodstuff, coffee, and cardamom.[irp]

Before the residential area was made, it was a beautiful garden, said by Saleem Al-Otaibi. It was also revealed that Makkah’s oldest taxi stand is also situated there. One of the shop owners, Ahmed Alhaj, who sells birds feed, said that Jarwal market was a very old and famous market.

A large number of Makkah people, villagers and visitors come to this market as customers. Many years ago, the vegetable market shifted from the surrounding area of the Haram to Jarwal, a large number of traders transferred to this market which made improvement in their business. 

The place is well known as Tuwa, where the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) stopped when he performed Hajj. He supposedly took a bath in the water of this well. Recently a wall was made around the well to secure it from any sort of damages. It was made by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH).

It is also narrated that the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) spent the night at around the well of Tuwa during the Invasion of Makkah in 630 A.D. It is situated along the road which goes towards the Grand Mosque that’s why every year many visitors visit the well.

During the invasion of Makkah, the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) divided the forces into two groups. Khaled bin Waleed was leading one and the other was led by the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). He ordered his forces to stay at this place before going towards Kaaba, said by Dr. Fawaz Al-Dahas, the professor at Umm Al-Qura University.

Jarwal, which was in the past famous as Tuwa district, the fort of finance minister of King Abdul Aziz Bin Sulaiman is also situated there.  Al Dahas said that Jarwal is located near the Grand Mosque. Almost 70 percent of Jarwal area was demolished for the development of the Grand Mosque.

It also stores the Grand Mosque’ air conditioning units, power generators, and a huge trash treatment plant, providing water and fuel storage facilities as well.

The ministry of Makkah handed over the parking area to the investment company. This is an uncomfortable situation for locals because the company is charging for them even if they are parking their cars near to their home, said by a resident of Jarwal, Abdullah Fareej Al-Subhi.

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Source: Saudi Gazette

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