Would you let your sister or mother do it? 5 Women Developments

1-As we all are quite aware of customs and traditions of Saudi Arabia. Very recently many new laws about women’s rights have passed in Saudi Arabia. Firstly, women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, which was quite a fair step toward empowering women and it also contributes toward the vision of the country.

This step was quite beneficial for all the women to feel comfortable with this new development, they said they don’t need to feel their hand tied and they don’t have to depend on anyone while going out of the house. This was a great step to strengthen the role of women as an active member of the society.[irp]

2-After this, the development allowed the woman to go out to the stadium to watch the football match was a great step. It was thought that if a woman will enter the stadium to watch the match it will encourage them towards sports and they will be able to participate in sports activities like women in many other countries participate.

3-Moreover, the development allowed the women have the right to participate as a candidate in municipal elections. The government also amended the laws to obtain a passport without male permission. Many other steps were taken toward empowering women’s right.

4-Men have fear about women’s behavior and their way to conduct them will change. They are afraid that their women will start thinking themselves superior to men. The minister of culture and information ordered the management to replace expatriate television broadcasters with Saudi women.

If this happens in Saudi Arabia, it will be good step to boost women power and help in the betterment of the country and its media. It was considered impossible a few months ago because the opponents of working women would have complained the ministry and stood against the decision.

5-Women have recently been allowed to form a Women Football Team. There will be different clubs who will be training and hiring women are good at playing football.

This was a point to ponder over for the Saudi men. They have frequently heard a question since radios and television were introduced in the country. The question is, would you let your sister or mother do it?

Nobody could argue them, because in Saudi Arabia or many Middle Eastern and South Asian countries women are always kept in shadows. They are not allowed to live their life according to their will.

Nowadays in Saudi Arabia, the women are being criticized for going out of the house. Now as the time has changed so the next question which is waiting for the males are, would you marry a woman who drives a car or goes to the stadium to watch the football match.

They are afraid that they will soon be questioned about marrying a woman who goes to the cinema. There is nothing wrong whether a woman goes out to watch a football match or drives a car. Islam has granted women many rights but our tradition has deprived them of these rights.

There are still many men who consider it improper to mention the name of a woman in men’s gathering. It’s their thought that a woman should be kept in privacy. Many conservative minds don’t allow women to go out to work in any field or go out in parties or drive a car solely.

They feel ashamed if women go out of the house. They think that women’s duty is to remain at home and look after the home and children. But now the time has changed, it is the right of every woman and no one has the right to deprive them.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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