This is how I lost 540 KG weight in 4 years – Khaled Al Shaeri

Obesity is the root cause of many diseases. A fat person lives a very limited life. They cannot live every opportunity to enjoy the life and are mostly ill. Obesity can cause heart attacks and failure of other organs as well. A fat person faces a lot of problems when it comes to health, lifestyle, clothing and enjoying like normal peoples.

The same situation relates to Khaled Al Shaeri, a young Saudi citizen, who once weighed almost 608 kilos. He was once known as the heaviest man in Saudi Arabia, and the second heaviest man in the history of the world. But now it is surprising to hear that he is no more, on the list of the heaviest.[irp]

He beautifully transformed his body. Over past few years, Al Shaeri’s was the youngest guy with heavyweight, his weight loss journey was followed by several people, we are aware of the news in which Saudi Late King Abdullah sent a huge aircraft to take the obese teenager to the hospital.

If you remember, the cranes were used at that time to bring him down from his flat. This is really a painful disease. With this kind of weight, you cannot move or walk. Just imagine a crane was required to bring him down the floor.

Nearly 30 medical staffs and civil defense men transferred him to King Fahad medical city in Riyadh with the help of a special crane. Once again he is able to make round again and people are congratulating him for his remarkable success to lose his body weight.

Khaled Al Shaeri related his story about his weight loss. He said, in 2013, I was brought to admit to the hospital. I was transported with the help of a team of medics, firefighter, and policemen. At that time, I weighed 608 kilos.

When late King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz heard of this situation, he ordered the authorities to treat him well.  The medical team was respectful, they treated me well and helped me to lose my weight and this is how I lost 540 Kgs weight in four years.

With the help of medical teams, he manages to lose his weight and make a new transformation.  He lost 80% of his body weight in last 4 years. His new weight is 68 kilos. Now he has transformed like no other. His before and after pictures are quite satisfying and amazing. People are loving and hailing him for his new transformation.

People are happy and wishing him health and happiness in his life. Masha Allah, this is an incredible achievement. All our respect for the Saudi Medical Team who treated him and helped him recover faster and lose his weight.

He should be thankful to late King Abdullah and the medical team who helped this young boy to live his life once again. Like Khaled Al Shaeri, every fat person can lose weight, it is not a difficult task. All you need is proper medical treatment and balanced nutritious diet.

The extra fats can be burnt by diet or exercise. We have seen a lot of people taking an early walk which is good for health. Avoiding junk food is also a way to reduce weight. A smart person can live longer, a healthy and happy life.

Source: Al Arabiya

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