Makkah Police arrested a man for his Immoral acts during lunch-break

A viral video of an unlawful meeting became the reason to arrest a restaurant worker. A restaurant employee was arrested in Makkah, a city of Saudi Arabia. The viral video became the reason for his arrest. Someone filmed him secretly, and upload it to the media.

The video sparked authorities in the Kingdom. A woman is seen approaching a worker of the restaurant. An Official spokesman of Makkah Police Department said that after completing the investigation about that video, they identified the place where the incident happened.

According to his statement, it was a fast food restaurant that is located behind a school. The woman seen in that video is a school student. She moves toward the man during lunch break, going against the norms and values of Saudi Arabia.  

The man was arrested after he was identified by the police officers. The man will be punished to go against the law of State. Many people have commented that the woman is also part of the immoral act, so she should also be arrested and punished.

The woman was the one who approached the man. They both should be ashamed to do such a thing in public. Many people said they both should get married, while some said they might be relatives, the woman might be his sister who came to meet him.

There might be any reason why she came to meet a man. Public called for severe measures saying they both should be punished according to Sharia and legal Law. Moreover, they should be separated and banned from work. 

Many people went without having any concern with that incident saying there is nothing wrong if a woman came to meet a worker. Whatever the matter is, Saudi police has arrested the man after investigation, we are unaware of the reality so we should stop talking unfair about both of them.

There is another point which might be causing trouble for Saudi authorities and it is the identification of the woman. As you can see in the video, the woman is wearing a veil. It is easier to identify the man with the help of his co-workers, but none of them has seen the face of the woman.

Let’s say, even after investigation, the man identifies a woman and she declares that she was not part of it, Saudi Police doesn’t have a witness or proof to believe otherwise. The only video which went viral and the staff of the restaurant are the witnesses.

Source: Akhbaar 24

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