How public in Saudi Arabia reacted to the arrest of Prince and Ex-Ministers?

Corruption: Corruption has been one of the major elements that have affected Saudi Arabia’s progress. It has to be stopped at all levels in order for us to progress in this world. There are many cases of corruption which have come to light, one of the most prominent being the aftermath of the Jeddah Flood in 2009 which resulted in floods and took the life of 130 people.

This disastrous event of Jeddah Flood exposed the fact that bribery and several other corruptions in government department have been the root of all the problem. It turned out that the city officials had illegally granted housing permits on land not fit for residential areas.[irp]

Another example of corruption that came to light was in a major charitable organization. This wasn’t a small organization, but a one with funding in millions. People trusted the directors in such a noble cause but the directors started helping themselves out.

The corruption, in this case, was done cleverly, they increased their allowances by altering the number of days on trips or their flight expenses.

Recently King Salman took a bold action and issued a Royal Decree creating an anti-corruption committee.  The committee produced quick and effective results. Within a few hours of forming the committee, 11 Princes were arrested in Saudi Arabia for the charges of corruption, money laundering or bribery.

Their bank accounts and all other assets have been seized by the officials and many people are restricted not to leave the country.

Why Princes and Ministers are arrested in Jeddah Flood Case 2009? The late King Abdullah formed an anti-corruption body to counter corruption in all departments. The anti-corruption body was set up to deal with all forms of financial and administrative corruption that might rise up and the ones that already exist. 

The National Authority for Combating Corruption (NACC) seemed promising but with the passage of time, no major corruption or malpractice was uncovered by the organization.

Public Reaction to the Corruption Crackdown: The public is absolutely delighted with the way people are being investigated despite the fact that they are the most important or powerful people in the Kingdom.

The public itself has a role to play now, with such interest from the authorities in this matter, the public should now be alert and should report any such event in their sight. The Kingdom’s anti-corruption should be passed on to everyone.

Apart from seeking where corruption is taking place, we must take measures to stop it from happening in our departments. The public institutions must set up fair and sustainable management systems. The business sector should be made clear that the contract will be given to the best bid, not to the biggest bribe!

The public is happy and gives their gratitude to King Salman. The people have made it clear that they stand with this decision and the right thing is being done. They also add that the stolen money and property should be seized from the robbers and returned to their rightful owners.

They also said that the corrupt people should be rightfully punished for their wrongdoings. The public backing up the authorities and the ongoing investigations have proved that in the task of clearing out corruption, the authorities have got off to a good start!

Source: Al Arabiya

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