All the Delivery Workers should be Saudis – A public demand

The Saudis heavily depend on expatriate workers in many different departments. One of these departments is the delivery jobs. The need for Saudization of these jobs comes from the fact that recently a video of a home delivery worker came up on social media.

The expatriate worker was involved in unhygienic practices while he was on duty. He made the video himself showing that he was enjoying himself while carrying out the disgusting act. The people doing these jobs are mostly expatriates because restaurants don’t want to spend much money on delivery workers.[irp]

They hire expatriates so that they pay them low wages but they do not realize that the workers are against the residency regulations as delivery workers. In the past, the expatriate workers have also indulged in many other activities like having illicit relationships with maids in the houses where they deliver food and helping the maids run away from their sponsors.

The sad part is that many restaurants do not abide by the rules and regulations of the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and industry which states that the delivery worker should wear the restaurant’s uniform.

Furthermore, the worker should also wear a label which has his name and phone number on it so that if the worker is seen doing such stuff he can be held responsible for it.

These practices are undesirable, unhygienic and also a security threat. The above-mentioned acts are enough reason for the government to stop the expatriates from doing this job. The time for Saudization of this department has come.

 This will allow more job opportunities for the Saudis and reduce dependency on the expatriates. Our vision also includes the Saudization of different departments so we should take this step as it comes with other benefits as well.

This department needs to change and its high time that we should say something about it. The department should be made more reliable by adding features like tracking your food when it is on its way.

The Saudis need to be less dependent on the expatriate workers and start doing these jobs themselves and make their country a better place.

The Saudi government has already taken remarkable steps in making the delivery of courier services Saudized. Currently, I think more than 75% people working as courier servicemen in the Kingdom are the citizens. They are qualified, punctual, polite and punctual for the assigned job.

In the same way, if the government wants to make the delivery workers of food and other items Saudis, it will not require much effort. There is an abundance of Saudi manpower looking for a reasonable job. You might have noticed a large Saudi workforce working as Uber Driver.

It shows that if the government brings this change, there will be plenty of Saudis looking for the job. The reason Saudis are not hired for this job at this point in time is that they are an expensive option. An average Saudi will cost a company around SR 5,000 per month while expatriate works for around SR 2,500.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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