A Boy arrested in Pakistan for sexually assaulting a Hen

Sexual Frustration is an illness, and most teenagers are affected. It is indeed a very hush topic we are going to talk about, but it is happening all around us. The teenage boys have been seen frustrated and doing odd stuff, unnatural rather, as a result of this problem.[irp]

When a person’s mind is under depression or frustration, it merely stops working sanely. One such odd incident was reported a few days back in a small town of Jalalpur Bhattian, Punjab, Pakistan. It is a shameful act, unnatural and needs our attention.

A 14-year-old boy was accused of assaulting a chicken and killing it. It is really shocking to hear that he sexually abused a hen. The accused has not denied and said he had done because of sexual frustration. 

Owner of the hen lodged a complaint with the police saying that the boy took his hen to his home where he sexually assaulted and killed his hen. He also named two locals as eye witnessed in his complaint.

The suspect was arrested on Monday and he confessed his crime. The Station House Officer Police of the area known as Jalalpur Bhattian Sarfaraz Anjum said the medical examination of the chicken confirmed that it was assault.

He further said adding that reports about swabs collected from the hen were still awaited, and will be attached along with the Report lodged under the Constitution of Pakistan. Known as the FIR, the First Investigation Report is pretty much detailed and the accused boy has been arrested for the killing of the animal and unnatural act of sex.

The parents and the elders should talk to their children and know what is going on in the mind of the child. Not only the parents, the elders should also come forward and join hands to nourish and groom the growing kids in the community, for the kids today will be elders tomorrow.

Source: Express Tribune

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