Female terrorism – A point of concern for Saudi authorities

A welfare state or any country is run by a government, compromising of a governing body including ministers and other office holders who discuss and report their issues and progress with the Head of the State. In Saudi Arabia, The King is the Head of the State and State affairs, and His Highness himself chairs the Cabinet sessions.[irp]

All the state internal and external affairs are discussed carried on, processed and looked upon in the cabinet meeting where the most important ministers are present. Recently King Salman chaired the Cabinet’s session at Al- Yamamah Palace in Riyadh.

He welcomed the success of the Arab counterterrorism meeting in Tunisia to discuss female terrorism.  The cabinet highlighted the threat of female terrorism at universities and schools. This cabinet stressed the need to stop women from becoming involved in terrorist and extremist activities, which is a threat in the light of present events all over the world.

Terrorism is a worldwide problem in the current era, every country is affected and hit with the evil of terrorism in one way or the other. Mass killings, massacre, suicide bombs, time bombs causing major life loss and damage to property are amongst them but the Saudi Government has been taking necessary steps to prevent such attacks and is successful so far, and will remain so if they keep up the good work.

The Saudi Military and Police are also doing a remarkable job in keeping the country and the people safe. Terrorists are using women as a mean of destruction, and Saudi Government has already taken steps to eradicate and prevent such unfortunate events.

In this regard, it is very important to educate our young women about the true teachings of Islam. Islam is the religion of tolerance and humanity. It does not promote killing innocent people. Even before the conquest of Makkah, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W told its soldiers not to touch anyone who doesn’t attack them.

The cabinet repeated Saudi Arabia’s condemnation of the explosion in one of the oil pipeline which terribly caught fire near Buri Region Bahrain, promised its support for Bahrain against threats to its security and protection of its citizens.

The King met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Lebanese Patriarch Bechara Boutrous Al-Rahi and briefed the cabinet. The cabinet welcomed the Kingdom progress in the Protecting Minority Investor Index. According to a recent report by World Bank Group, it was said that Minority investor index leads to a leap in its global ranking from 36 to 10.

In the Cabinet, the King also approved measures to overcome the difficulties of some camel owner and to help their participation in the Gulf Cooperation Council-sponsored camel races and achieve the commands of the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. It will represent the leadership keenness to support this traditional Arab sport.

Source: Arab News

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