Wife Discovers Husband’s love affair – forces emergency landing

Very recently on Sunday, we heard a news of Qatar Airways flight which was forced to make an emergency landing in India. The reason behind the emergency landing was quite surprising for all of us. The reason behind the plane landing was neither any technical fault nor any other valid reason.

But the main reason was to stop the wife, who was brutally beating her husband. The news relates an Iranian woman, who was traveling with her husband and a child in Qatar Airways flight. The flight was en route from Doha to Bali. The unidentified woman came to know about her husband affair on the flight.[irp]

She succeeded to unlock her husband’s smartphone, using his fingerprint while he was sleeping and discovered about his affair which created a disturbance in the mid-air. The woman started to hit her husband. The woman repeatedly beat her husband.

Many flight attendants tried to stop her but they failed to calm her down. Seeing all the situation and unable to handle the woman, the flight was forced to divert to Chennai, India. Finally, the crew decided to offload the woman with her family and they were offloaded from the flight for causing a disturbance in the mid-air.

Leaving them behind in India the flight flew ahead to their destination. According to Al-Arabiya, the security agencies said she was drunk. The couple was not allowed to board following flight until the lady calmed down and the matter was resolved.

The three, husband-wife with their child were forced to de-board the plane. According to an official statement, no police action was taken. Qatar Airways delivered a statement, “in respect of passenger privacy we do not comment on individual cases.”

Such a stupid act committed by the lady, she would have talked to her husband privately. Whatever the problem was, it was their personal matter. They would have cooperated and talked privately to solve it rather than disturbing the flight members.

I would say that she should wait for the flight to land, rather than cause a ruckus in the plane. Whatever she did, she too had to suffer a lot spending her whole day in Chennai airport. A woman should remain quiet to the public rather than creating a mess and diverting everybody’s attention on to her.

She created the situation that every person might be pointing and commenting on her. I feel sorry to call her a good mother, she beat her child’s father in front of him, this can cause mental disturbance and to some extent, it will make him hate his parents.

Seeing parent’s fighting really disturb children’s mentality and their way of thinking. So, it is my request to all the parents, please try to solve your matters private and please and stop fighting in front of your children or at any public place.

Source: Al Arabiya

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