Sexual harassment by private drivers will end with Women Driving

The recent development that women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia has been a big step towards empowering women and it also contributes towards the vision of the country. This development has a lot of advantages for the country and the concerned families.

Women no longer have to feel that their hands are tied whenever they have to go somewhere, they no longer need to depend on anyone. Neither their private driver nor a male in the house. It often happens that an emergency occurs or the private driver calls in sick. Women who have to move around become helpless in these cases.[irp]

Picking up and dropping the children from schools will become easier. It has often happened that private drivers have sexually harassed children. This is because the women cannot drop off their children themselves and the men are usually at work.

Apart from this, family drivers have been involved in robbing their employer’s home and other crimes. It is expected that the decision to let women drive will reduce or possibly even end these crimes completely. Women do not have to depend on someone to drop off their children or leave the house in emergency situations.

 It is also expected that opportunities for security jobs will be given to women which connect with their right to drive. It is expected that women driving will force almost 1 million expat drivers to leave Saudi Arabia.

The money paid to these drivers used to be remitted but now it will stay within the country and will spent on local businesses which will help develop the economy (this is how it will help the vision of the country). Experts also stated that security precautions must be taken before women start driving.

First of all, that women should be mature enough when they start driving and that specialized driving schools for women should be built. Experts also said that women should be evaluated and given the driver’s license after passing the test. Before being properly evaluated, they should not be allowed to drive.

Shoura Council Member Dr. Iqbal Zine Al-Abidine Darandari, who is also a member of Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission said that allowing women to drive is a great step forward for the country. It has strengthened the role of women as active members of the country.

Apart from driving, women must be allowed to perform other roles alongside men.  Dandari also thanked the Council for supporting the decision. She said that she was thankful to them for correcting the misconceptions about women.

Women driving does not violate any Islamic law but in fact, it is an implementation of the Shariah that women stand alongside men and are given equal rights. This decision puts the country on the right path towards progress.

Women need to contribute towards the progress of the country and this step has started the journey towards success by clearing misconceptions and overcoming the obstacles which the country faces.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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