Pakistani wife kills husband and 14 in-laws with poisoned Lassi

There are certain bonding and relations in our lives. We are related to each other by these relations close and far. Human beings socialize with each other life together to maintain the circle of life. Marriage is such very important event in our life.

Marriage is a bonding of two people forming a couple who live together, have children and live a life forming a family. Like every relation, there are certain pros and cons in the way a marriage is conducted. Usually and widely the marriage is between two youngsters walking in early or mid-twenty or late teens.[irp]

Very recently a news was telecasted in Pakistan. In Muzaffargarh city in Pakistan, a young girl named Asiya Bibi conducted a crime to kill her husband and in-laws. Asiya was just 21 years old and was forced by her parent to marry a guy against her choice.

She got married to a man named Amjad Akram and just after 2 months, she murdered 13 members of her in-laws including her husband. She turned the beginning of her happy life to sad one. Unfortunate girl who was in love with another guy, she hatched a plan to kill her husband by poisoning her husband milk.

She poisoned her husband glass of milk but she failed in her plan. Her plan was just to kill her husband in order to get rid of him. Her mother in law took that poisoned milk to prepare lassi. Lassi is made by blending milk and yogurt.

This lassi was served to her husband’s family, 27 members of that family drank that poisoned lassi. 15 people died including her husband and the rest are hospitalized fighting between life and death. Police arrested Asiya Bibi, a man and his aunt for being partners in her crime.

It was revealed that the man who is arrested is Asiya’s lover and his aunt helped them to hatch the murder plot. No doubt, now this girl must have felt disgraceful on her deed. She has ruined her life. Neither a way out for her to escape nor she is able to marry a person for whom she had committed such miserable crime.

This girl was forced to marry Amjad Khan and as a revenge, she destroyed her own happiness and beautiful life. Forced marriages are common deeply traditional in Pakistan especially in rural areas where women are already fighting for their rights. Parents don’t care about the wish of their children when it comes to choosing a life partner.

There are certain reasons behind these marriages in Pakistan. Parents are usually being found guilty of forcing their own likeness upon their children ending up in disasters, breakups, divorce or characters deformation. Parents should get a lesson from the above story and should stop pressurizing your children to tie a knot without their wish.  As we all know forced marriages are not even allowed in Islam.

Source: Al Arabiya

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