A pedestrian helped to recover SR 186,000 snatched in Jeddah

Robberies perhaps date back to the first of the human beings, when people used to steal others belongings and assets. Unfortunately, we are still unable to control the action, despite how much human beings as a whole have evolved and prosper. There are strict rules for robbery all over and around the world, laws for punishing the robber and a complete judiciary system to find and punish the accused of robbery.[irp]

Saudi citizens enjoy quite a better environment when it comes to crimes such as these, because they have implemented very strict rules regarding robbery and stealth, and their judiciary is known to be unbiased and taking decisions in a quick time. There is a strict Punishment for Stealing in Saudi Arabia.

It was reported from Jeddah that a Saudi citizen was in a shop shopping some items. Suddenly a man came and stole money from him. The total amount of money was SR 186,000. Such a handsome amount he was carrying with him in his pocket.

The man took the money from him and took off in a car. The robbed man asked the pedestrians to help him in catching the thief. One of the citizens chased the thief and was able to stop him and recover the money from him.

However, at that time, the thief managed to escape easily. But luckily the money was recovered. The man was grateful to the pedestrian. Subsequently, the victim informed the whole situation about his robbery, to the security authorities who circulated information about the thief and his car.

Within a short period of time, security officers in Jeddah grabbed the car and its driver. Finally, the driver admitted to the robbery in cooperation with another person who was a worker in the shop where the man was robbed.

InitialĀ investigation has been completed. Both the men were arrested who were involved in the robbery and were sent to the Public Prosecution. He made a robbery despite the strict punishment of Robbery and theft according to the Islamic laws.

Source: Arab News

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