Auto driver sues movie maker for using his phone number in a movie

This is very surprising news that was published from Dhaka, a city in Bangladesh. Nobody has ever heard or read such news. This news is related to the film industry and the common man. Ijajul Mia is an auto rickshaw driver. He recently filed a complaint against Shakib Khan who is the top movie star in Bangladesh.[irp]

He said that his phone number was used in Shakib movie which made his life totally depressed. After the release of ‘Rajniti’ in June, his life has totally changed and he suffered a lot because there is a scene in that movie in which Shakib is seen giving the number to his girlfriend.

He further said, “Every day I got hundreds of phone calls from mostly female fans of Shakib Khan. They would say ‘Hello Shakib, I am your Fan. Do you have two minutes to talk to me?”  One of his fans traveled almost 500 kilometers after learning where he was living.

He couldn’t take a new number because his client knew this number and if he will change the number he would lose his business, he added. These type of act from other ladies are truly disturbing for a married man. These acts can ruin his married life.

He said he is a newly married man and a father of one daughter. When these calls started coming his wife thought that he had an affair. No doubt every wife has the same feeling about her husband when she sees a number of girls calling on his cell phone.  Mia became very upset these days he had the fear of his wife will leave him.

Mia hired a lawyer and filed a suit this week. His lawyer M.A Majed said the district judge was not tentative to accept it at first but after we submitted evidence showing how these phone calls have almost destroyed Ijajul Mia’s life, he finally ordered to investigate the situation.

We do not deny the fact that we all love to watch movies, seasons and serials and all have some attraction for some actors. But indulging deeply in some one’s life is really very bad.  We should stop interfering in others life and disturb them without any serious reason.

This is the sad reality of life that, whenever things or situation comes about our benefits, we often forget about others and the suffering or loss others will have to face. Because of us.

Source: Arab News

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