A school child died in a school bus as he was left behind

Children are the apple of every parent eyes and they want to see their children studying and succeeding in every field of life but due to some negligence and agonies, sometimes their dream always remains a dream.

Recently we heard a news of Saudi kid who died on a school bus. This news filled every eye with tears. Parent hand over their kid to the driver and it is driver’s duty to drop their kid at school with care and responsibility.[irp]

This is a news from Saudi Arabian city Jazan Sabya Governorate. On Tuesday morning Yamin Khwaji (victim) was sent to school by his mother. She was not knowing that this was the last time, she is sending him to school and he will never upset her again with his mischiefs.

This child attended Dowhatul Al Quran Al Kareem nursery in Al-Dhibya. This was the last time he left his home and never returned.  Yamin was just four years old little kid, who slept on his way to school. As we all know kids at this age mostly sleep in driving cars similarly he fell asleep and was locked in his school bus by the driver.

Nobody was aware that he was sent to school from home but did not reach his school. They all came alert about Yamin when his uncle came to pick him from school and the school authorities told him that the boy was absent that day. His uncle started looking around for Yamin everywhere but Alas!

He found him dead on the school bus. This was such tragic incident for the family. They were unaware of the happening.  His body was sent to forensic for investigation and finally, it was discovered that he died of suffocation.

AL-Hikami said, “He died of sharp fall in his body temperature that is usually caused by suffocation.”  Yamin’s father accepted the reality of his son as a fate and left his body in the morgue for further investigation. He was the second child of his parents. He had a younger brother Ayman who go to primary school.

Police imprisoned the driver for investigation and the nursery was shut down following the death news of little Yamin. The owner of that nursery escaped from the country.

Jazan education affairs spokesman Al-Khwaji reaction was quite shocking when made a speech on the institute under which Yamin was registered, he said this child was not enrolled in any institute under the education directorate in sabya.

He said, “We have not issued any license to the institute where the child was enrolled. The nursery was apparently operating under the Quranic Recitation Charity Organization in Sabya.”

It is clearly seen that this is a mistake committed by the driver. It was his duty to check the bus whether all the students have left the vehicle or not before locking the bus.  He should have known that children of this age need special attention and care. They are too small to handle everything by themselves.

I should further say that every school bus must contain a conductor and should follow a proper attendance system in the bus to stop any unfortunate misery like Yamin’s death.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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