11 Places you can visit through Al Madina City Sightseeing Bus

City Sightseeing is now introduced in Madina. It is a special bus service that is already operational in about 160 cities around the world. With the help of this service, pilgrims and visitors would be facilitated with tour towards historic and landmark locations across Madina.

The people will be going through a spiritual journey full of entrainment. The double-decker buses, which will be carrying 63 passengers at a time, would run along 11 designated stops. The passengers would be enjoying the cultural information as they travel in 8 different languages.[irp]

Each ticket costs SR80 and would be valid for24 hours. The officials claim that they are working on enhancing passenger capacity of the service as well as adding 22 new stops.  Following is a detail of current 11 stops:

1-The Masjid al Nabawi: The first station of City Sightseeing is located in the north of Holy Mosque. This station is the main station and is just in front of gate number 21. The tour of the great spiritual journey will begin from this stop.

2-Al-Salam Gate: Al Salam Gate is located in the West of the Holy Mosque. This is the main gate through which pilgrims go towards the Prophet’s (PBUH) grave to offer greetings.

3-Al-Manakha: Next, passengers will be moved to Al Manakha. This is located in the west of the Holy Mosque. It is an open area where a market was established by the Prophet PBUH. This area also houses the Al Gamma mosque. The Prophet PBUH used to offer Eid prayer and prayer for rain at the very place. Abu Bakar Mosque and Omar Mosque lie in approximation.

4-Al-Baqi Cemetery (Jannat ul Baqi): This is a Holy Graveyard where the most of the companions of Holy Prophet PBUH were buried. Graves of members of Prophet’s family also rest here.

5-Uhud Mountain: The battle of Uhud took place here. The visitors enjoy climbing up a hill where arches were assembled by Prophet PBUH. People also buy local products from here.

6-Masjid-e-Qiblatain: This is the very Mosque where Muslims prayed half of the Salah facing towards Masjid al Aqsa and other half facing towards Masjid al-Haram after the order of change in the direction of Qibla was revealed to them during Salah.

7-Masjid-e-Quba: Quba mosque is a beautiful white mosque which is furnished with minarets and palm trees. The Holy Prophet PBUH used to offer his Saturday prayers in the very mosque. Muslims often visit the mosque and offer prayer there. They also enjoy buying eggs, herbs, mats, and flowers from the nearby local mosques.

8-Al Nour Mall: Al Nour Mall is fully equipped with a great many stores, food court and children play area.

9-Sultana Street: It is one of the shopping areas that are modern and lavish.

10-The Seven Mosques: This is basically a big mosque built on seven small mosques. The great mosque is located in the south of al sala’ mountain. This is the very place where Battle of Khandaq or the Battle of the Trench was fought.

11-Al-Hijaz Station:  This is now a museum; however, it was once a railway station that was built during Ottoman reign.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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