Where do we belong? A typical problem for Expats in Saudi Arabia

When you go out for vacations in another city or a country, you are less concerned about adjusting. You are a stranger there and know almost know nothing about the people, their lifestyles, and other things. You might even face linguistic barriers. You don’t know the neighbors, you don’t know about the streets etc.

You are not concerned if there are good schools nearby or a job opportunity for you. You are a stranger there, just gone for spending few days. But wait, what if you are now told that you have to stay there forever! You will get a panic attack! You can’t stay there; you have a great whole life in your own country/city.[irp]

You can’t just leave it behind like that. You must be having a job there, your children must be going to school, your wife had settled the house, and your parents shall be adjusted to that environment. How can you all eventually leave everything in the middle? This is exactly what the expats are facing.

They were living here for decades now. Their generations have been raised here. They quiet seldom go back to their countries. They have jobs, living, schooling i.e. everything here. They went through a process of Acculturation. They have adopted our values and culture; now they are a stranger to their own country and only Ajnabi for us, how can we now abandon them?

Now most of them cannot withstand the burden of taxes. They are forced to leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most of the expats are sending back their families and staying in the Kingdom. How will their families manage to live all alone there?

Rahat Saleem, a Pakistani expatriate living in Saudi Arabia since long says that they will be leaving the Kingdom but they are worried about their father who will stay as per his job. They are concerned about the father who would have to live alone, yet has no other option!

Finding a job at their own home-country is one of the biggest challenges that these expats are now facing. An Indian expat briefed that he couldn’t believe that his return to India is permanent. He wished he was on a vacation, yet reality hits him hard when he goes out to search for a job.

Umm Siraj an Ethiopian Expatriate says that my children don’t know how my country nationals look like. They have never gone there and they have no house there. Whatever they earned was spent in the Kingdom as they believed that they could live here forever. They have a great desire to not to leave the Kingdom.

Mrs. Sabir who belongs to Karachi, Pakistan says that they have been living here for two decades. Now the children are fearful and cannot sleep at night. They just don’t want to leave the Kingdom. Her husband and spent his youth here, he has earned here and served the country.

Now he has to start everything from the scratch in Pakistan. He would have to find a job and seek a living for children. Things will be tough for the expats leaving the Kingdom after spending their decades here!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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