Flying from Jeddah soon? You can win a 64GB iPhone X FREE

Airbük Inc., a startup registered in California, USA is launching its mobile app called ‘Airbük’ on the 18th of November 2017 for iOS and Android app stores worldwide. Airbük aims to connect people traveling to a city with the locals of that city.

As a traveler you can use Airbük to buy an item from the city you are traveling from and deliver it to a local in the city you are traveling to, earning not just money but also making a new friend in your travel.[irp]

When you are not traveling you can simply use it to request travelers coming to your city to buy and deliver a rare or unique item that’s not available in your country.

Being a Muslim startup Airbük Inc. wants to begin by serving the Muslim community worldwide. Hence with this promotion Airbük Inc. wants to encourage people flying from Jeddah to buy and deliver a 5 liter Zamzam water bottle to anybody who is in need of it.

Whenever you are flying from Jeddah airport after the 18th of November 2017, when the Airbük App is launched. Here is how you can take part in this promotion and be one of the 5 lucky winners:

1-Download the Airbük app and enter your travel details in the Airbük App.

2-Check if there is any user in your destination city, looking for Zamzam water.

3-If yes, then you can chat with them in the Airbük app and get their request confirmed.

4-When at the Jeddah airport buy a 5 liter Zamzam water from just outside the airport and deliver it to the user you found on the Airbük app.

That's all you have to do and you can be one of the 5 lucky winners who will get a 64GB iPhone X Free on every 200th delivery of the Zamzam water. Winners will be picked randomly through a lucky draw and announced on Airbük's Facebook Page. You can like the Airbük page here.  

You will be contacted through your email ID which you provide in the registration form and will be asked to provide your courier address so that Airbük can ship your iPhone X at your current location.

You can register here: to receive the app download link and the promotion rules and guidelines.

Register to enter the contest now.

 We recommend you register early because winners will be from first 1000 Flyers only. This promotion will continue until all 5 winners are announced.

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