“I will not spare any corrupt person, neither Prince nor Minister” – Crown Prince

As we all are quite aware of the recent news that Saudi Crown Prince announced an anti-corruption committee to take legal action against people who are involved in corruption. This topic has become a subject of discussion around the globe.

An old interview of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has become a sensitive topic of talk everywhere. He was interviewed by Al Arabia channel on May this year. In His interview, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman said,[irp]

“We grew anxious of Corruption cases, anyone who is guilty will be punished. No one is above the Law whether he is a prince or minister or a common citizen. “He said, “Anyone who is involved in corruption will not be spared.”

In his interview, it is clearly seen that he had forewarned the people of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia about the outcome of Corruption activities. Recently this Saturday on 4th of November, King Salman issued a Royal decree creating an anti-corruption committee.

The committee is chaired by the Crown Prince with the membership of the Chairman of the Monitoring and Investigation Commission, Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Authority, Chief of the General Audit Bureau, Attorney General and the head of state security.

This committee showed a powerful result. As soon as a decree was issued, 11 Princes, 4 sitting ministers, and tens former ministers were immediately detained or arrested on order from the new committee.

This anti-corruption committee further announced that they are reopening the file of 2009 Jeddah flood and 2012 Corona Virus (Middle East respiratory syndrome virus) issue.  Further investigation will be made soon and we hope to get a better outcome.

A very good step taken by Saudi Crown Prince. I sincerely appreciate this step as it will help in the betterment and progress of the country. This anti-corruption committee has the right to arrest, investigate, ban from travel, freeze accounts and portfolios.

They have the right to take any action against the individual and they are allowed to track funds and assets of every individual that are involved in corruption activities. A news was recently telecasted that this committee had already banned many private flights from Saudi Arabia so that no one can try to escape the country without any legal investigation.

In a recent update, it has been reported by Al Arabiya that Saudi Arabia has frozen the bank accounts of those arrested and detained on corruption charges. We rarely find such kind of examples in the world where few of the strongest people of the country have to face corruption charges just like a normal man.

Source: Al Arabiya


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