A driver slept while driving the School Bus – arrested by Saudi Police

When you are driving a vehicle you need to be attentive at all times and when driving with lots of passengers you need to be extra careful as one small mistake can put all those lives in danger. Similarly, a school bus must be driven with a lot of attention and care, the driver must not drive rashly or divert his attention elsewhere.[irp]

Recently in the city of Madina an expat school bus driver dozed off while driving and was filmed by the student. The video went viral on social media and the concerned authorities investigated into this incident.

After an investigation, the expat driver was arrested and taken into custody by the Saudi authorities. The arrest was announced by the Kingdom's General Traffic Authority on Thursday in an official statement which read:

“After an investigation into the footage that went viral online, authorities were able to identify and arrest the 41-year-old expat bus driver who put the lives of tens of students at risk after he fell asleep while driving a school bus in Madina. The man will remain in custody until a verdict is issued in the case.”

As soon as the video went viral, people had different reactions related to it. Some people were outraged and demanded that the driver must be arrested immediately, they were relieved and thankful to the authorities on finding out that the person had already been arrested.

However, some people thought that the situation was being taken too much seriously. They suggested that a warning to the driver would have been enough, arresting him had taken things one step too far. People also defended the driver by saying that nobody can control drowsiness and that a warning should suffice.

Others also said that the video held no proof whatsoever that the driver was asleep. Some people were angry at the student who filmed the driver saying that he should have woken him up rather than filming the incident, tens of lives were in danger and he was concerned only about filming the incident.

When it comes to the lives of children being put at risk, every father and mother become emotional. The people who are in charge of the children while they are away from their parents have a big responsibility upon their shoulders. They need to be careful and keep them out of harm’s way.

This is also a lesson for other drivers who take the responsibility of driving a school bus. If he is not well he should have given this task to someone else rather than pushing children lives to danger.

Source: Maroor Twitter

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