Our Expat Brothers are as loyal to Saudi Arabia as Saudis themselves

People believe that expat workers come to make money. They leave their country, settle in a host country just for money. As soon as they make a good amount of money, they will leave the country. This is an image of expats that most of the people are portraying.

If you open up a newspaper, columns would be inked telling you that expats are not loyal. They are just here to drain the economy and fill their own pockets. There are articles and columns claiming that expats are not loyal to Saudi Arabia. If they are providing their services, they are getting paid for it.[irp]

They are not concerned about the progress of Saudi Arabia. They are not concerned about the issues prevailing here. They will fill up their bank accounts with loads of money when they will feel it is sufficient they will pack up their bags and leave the country! But this is certainly not true.

Not all expats are same. There are some expats who have been more loyal to Saudi Arabia than their own countries. They are concerned about growth and prosperity of the country. They feel bad one a tragic incident occurs in Saudi Arabia. They serve the country with loyalty.

Yes, they are paid for their services and that is perfectly okay! There is no bad in getting paid against a service provider. They are not stealing away the Saudi wealth; they take their part which is legal!  My point here is that we shall not weigh everyone in the same scale.

Not everyone is same. There might be few who may not be loyal towards the country, but for most expats, Saudi Arabia is not less than a home. They have concerns for the country.  There are expats who abide by rules of the country, pay taxes and point out ills around them.

They act as responsible residents. They inform the concerned authorities about any ill around them. One such loyal and responsible expat is Nadeem Nadvi. He is living in Saudi Arabia for quite long now. He is married to a Saudi woman. He lives in Jeddah and is concerned about it.

He is a great observer and pointed out an emerging problem, that even most Saudis didn’t notice! He wrote that the beautiful city is being turned into a junkyard; a junkyard of unwanted cars. People are abandoning their cars. They would just park them in the parking area and leave it there without any concerns. This has caused traffic and parking problems in the city.

There are cars which are there in the parking lot since weeks and no one shows up to look after them. It is causing congestion in parking areas and is in many aspects dangerous. He urged the authorities to hunch down the owners is make them dispose of their cars in the best possible way. They are creating a mess around the beautiful city.

See, Our Expat Brothers are as loyal to Saudi Arabia as Saudis themselves! They are concerned about the country like any Saudi is!

Source: Saudi Gazette