Sahar: A one-month-old baby who died due to Hunger in Syria

Hundreds of children are pushed to death due to starvation in Syria under the regime siege. It is mostly seen in eastern Ghouta. Regime siege started from 2011 and ended in 2014. The siege lasted for 3 years but still, many eastern regions are under the tight blockade of aid by Assad Regime forces since 2013.

Last week a picture of one-month-old Syrian baby Sahar went viral. One-month-old Sahar breathed her last on Sunday in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta. Eastern Ghouta is one of the four de-escalation zones set up under a deal between backers of rival sides in Syria’s devastating six-year war.[irp]

Only trickled of humanitarian aid is received by this region. Food supply rarely enters this region which caused these areas famine-stricken? Hundreds of children are still suffering from malnutrition, nutritional deficiencies, migraines, depression and psychological problems.

Malnutrition has become one of the major problems in many famine-stricken areas of the world. In Eastern Ghouta it has reached to the extreme, the medical teams claim that they examine dozens of malnutrition-patients, per day.

The parents of Sahar Dofdaa took their child to the hospital in Eastern Ghouta Town of Hamouria on Saturday. Her images are somewhat depressing; a small skinny baby seems like a skeleton covered with thin layer of skin. Her wide eyes bulging, her ribs were protruding under her translucent skin.

Her skeletal thighs poked out of her diaper. She weighs just 4 pounds. The poor soul had turned so weak that when she would cry, she would not be able to make any noise. Her helpless mother was sobbing around her, as this is the most painful feeling for a mother to see her child in pain.


She was unable to help her child, she wishes she could save her, but she could do nothing! According to medical officials, she was suffering from acute malnutrition. Her mother was too undernourished to breastfeed her. Her father worked at a butcher shop and thereby could not afford supplements and milk for her.

Sahar was one and the only child of her parents who died in the hospital on Sunday morning and her parent took her to bury her to the nearby town of Kafr Batna. Her death news turned everybody’s attention. A child died of malnutrition in Eastern Ghouta on Saturday and Sahar died on Sunday.

The reason behind the death of both the children was acute malnutrition. According to UNICEF severe acute malnutrition is defined as most extreme and visible form of undernutrition. News-anchors came forward to cover this news and it was telecasted on many news channels.

This is not the first time when pictures of children died during Syrian War went viral. We have seen the pictures of Omran, Ayland and Adi earlier and now Sahar joins the list. Did it have any impact on the people in the outer world? We just shared them on our social media accounts and go to sleep again.

Residents of Eastern Ghouta areas suffer from severe food shortage and if they are able to find the proper food items and goods in the market they are at high prizes that everyone cannot afford from their daily earning.

Yahya Abu Yahya, doctor and regional head of medical services for Turkish NGO Social Development International, which has several medical Centers in Ghouta, said the group’s Centre had examined 9700 children in recent months. 80 were suffering from acute malnutrition, 200 suffered from moderate acute malnutrition and 4000 had nutritional deficiencies.


Abu Yahya said that these regions were not receiving basic food that children need like sugar and source of protein and minerals. The food that reaches to these areas covers just 5 to 10 percent of the need of malnutrition children. Despite agreement on de-escalation zones backed by regime supporter, these regions still have very less access to medical aid and food.

Source: Al Arabiya

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