8 things you need to know before entering a shopping mall in Saudi Arabia

Visiting shopping malls have become the hobby of many people in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a conservative country, every visitor of the shopping mall needs to follow certain implied rules and regulations. We have described them below;

1-Men are not allowed to wear shorts revealing their thighs while entering the shopping malls of Saudi Arabia. This rule applies on all the malls of the Saudi Arabia. Security doesn’t allow you to enter the mall if you are in shorts.[irp]

2-Unmarried girls and boys who are neither relatives nor married will not be allowed to enter the mall together in the form of the couple. Only husband-wife or families can enter the malls of Saudi Arabia. If a male and female are out without any legal relationship they are inviting troubles.

3-Photography is strictly forbidden. The main reason behind this law is, the malls are mostly filled with women, Saudi women are very conscious about their privacy, and if she is photographed by any person mistakenly she can report a security. Taking Pictures as a Hobby may land you in trouble.


4-As we all know the shops close during the prayer time in Saudi Arabia. The same law is applied in shopping malls. During prayer time all the stores and shops inside the malls will shut down. The stores normally get shut for almost half hour.

If you are a Muslim, you surely have to go for prayer but even a non-Muslim will be asked to leave the shop and either wait out for some time or go home. If you are at the supermarket shopping for some food items or grocery and the prayers start the staff are ordered to leave the store and shut the doors and lock you inside to continue your shopping.

5-Males are restricted to go in many shops: As going to shopping malls, we all know there are shops were only families are allowed to go inside, men are allowed to only visit the shop that has a male section. No male is allowed to go inside these shops without any family members.

There are also some lady’s shops in every shopping mall. Only ladies are allowed to go inside. Men should be aware to read the board outside the shops before entering any shops.


6-These malls are shopping malls and they are meant for shopping only. So young boys and men who visit these malls in the group for recreation purpose will not be allowed to enter these malls. Perhaps, this is the reason boys hire girls for 2 minutes to enter to shopping malls.

7-All the food courts in these malls have separate seating areas. There are family sections and single section. So you should be mindful for your seating arrangements.

8-Don’t try to display or show your love or affection with your partner. This is strictly forbidden in malls. U are not even allowed to hold hand in public. So respect these rules.

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