Saudi Groom sues his friend for giving him SR 2 as his wedding gift

Every relation of this world is beautiful and has its own uniqueness. A person relation with his friend is quite different from other relations. We can openly share everything with our friends and only a friend knows all our secret. No matter, a friend is aware of all your present and past conditions.

Marriage is one of the most awaited moments in everybody’s life.  Everybody waits for this day to start a new wedding life with their partner and collect the gift from their friends. A similar case came ahead when a Saudi citizen invited his friends to his marriage.[irp]

His expectations of collecting gifts from his friends were overflowing but one of his friends ruined his celebrations. Saudi groom was gifted SR2 from his friend which provoked him. His friend gifted him SR 2 in an envelope with written this mark on it, “This is so much, more than you deserve”. 


This made him angry and upset. He sued his friend for this act. After he was called to the court he said he could only afford this to give him because of his present financial crisis. The defendant was accused by the prosecution for insulting his friend by writing an inappropriate statement on the envelope.

The final hearing of this case is still pending. This case will now be referred to the concerned authorities who will have to issue a final verdict of this case. This news came as a shock for everyone. He should have ignored this because his friend might have played a prank on him or have done this for just creating fun on his big day.

He shouldn’t have taken such steps to take him to court. Now the groom will have to pay more than 2 riyals to his lawyer. He is an amazing man. This news spread everywhere and people reaction were awful. Everyone is not taking the incident lightly. They said God bless the lady who married him.

Many people are waiting for the final verdict of the court.  Some said the groom did the right thing. Friends like this should be punished. If you don’t care about someone or their values so why to attend their wedding. If anyone insults you anyway, you have the right to sue them.

People said the defendant should be punished. Everybody differ from another person. Some can bear their insult quietly while many don't possess the potential to handle their insult. The defendant was wrong anyway but the only friend can understand his friend so he must have talked to him separately or should have ignored this issue.

This wasn’t a big issue to drag your friend to court. If you have done this, you are just the type of person like him. If he had insulted you, you are insulting him too. So think before you take any step. I should say the groom should forgive his friend to secure their friendship.

Source: Okaz