Egyptian father beats his toddler to death for not completing Home Work

Children are naughty. It is their nature; they learn that way. They would create a mess, they would be noisy and they would meddle around. This is something every child does. This is something quite natural. I know that sometimes they do get a bit annoying and they shall be asked to stop.

Sometimes they do end up being punished or being slightly beaten up. But that too is for their own betterment. Sometimes kids ought to learn the hard way and parents or caretakers have to do so because it is in the best interest of the child!

Parents get frustrated: One of the most difficult task to make your child do homework, especially a child who is in the nursery or small grades. The child hates to pick up the pencil and carve out perfectly looking alphabets. No child would ever say that they want to complete their homework.

They would always say that they need to play! Parents do get angry and frustrated while making their child do their homework. They frighten them or even beat (slightly) them. This is something quite usual in the Arab World. But the incident I am going to share here is not usual or normal in any respect.

3859 Egyptian father beats his toddler to death for not completing Home Work 01

A 5 years old Egyptian toddler was being taught by her father. She was to complete her nursery homework and she would not do so. As she was unable to do her homework under her father’s teaching, her father got frustrated.

The Egyptian father started to beat her up with a plastic pipe. So much so that the girl got covered up with bruises on her body. She kept on crying and yelling, but the father did not stop the beating. She got her head and chest injured badly. The poor 5 years old little girl could not bear the pain and injuries and died!

I will do my homework everyday baba, just forgive me this time, don’t beat me, don’t kill me, I am your little princess – she was screaming, while her father was busy in beating her with a plastic pipe. Her screams made the neighbors alert.

They rushed to inquire if she was okay, yet when they reached the father had already killed her own child. The child was beaten to death because she was not able to complete her homework! This is insane! How can a father be so brutal?

3859 Egyptian father beats his toddler to death for not completing Home Work 02

A daughter is father’s most precious thing. The affiliation a father has with her daughter is unique and cute. The bond they share is the most lovable and purest. The child was taken to the Boulaq Ad Dakrour Hospital in the state of being dead.

The police of Cairo started the investigation and arrested the father, the culprit. The man, whom I don’t even like calling a father, has confessed his crime. He says he did not intend to kill his daughter! (really?)

It breaks me apart when I hear such news. Parents are the source of affection. Even if they beat their children, they would feel bad and would love them twice as more! If a daughter is not safe with her father, then where is she safe? Aren’t children now safe with their parents?

Source: Al Arabiya