Top 4 Places for Hijama or Cupping in Riyadh

Cupping is known as Hijama. Hijama is an Arabic word. It is an ancient curing method for different diseases. It is performed by Muslims as it is a form of medicine specifically used and encouraged by the Prophet Muhammad (Blessings and Peace be upon Him) in the history.

It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Prophet (ﷺ) said: “If there is any good in any of the remedies you use, it is in cupping.”.”[irp]

This non-surgical way to draw out unnecessary toxic blood from specific points on the body, where the cups are applied to each disease or infection and may cure the illness without any side-effects. Cupping is performed in a number of different steps.

The common Sunnah points for Hijama are between the shoulders on the back. It has several benefits and cupping can successfully cure gastric problems, joint and muscular pain, fever, skin diseases, asthmatic problems, feelings of anxiety or depression, low fertility etc.

Narrated Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet (ﷺ) said: If anyone has himself cupped on the 17th, 19th and 21st it will be a remedy for every disease. Sunan Abi Dawud 3861

It is extremely important to get it done by an experienced doctor who uses properly cleaned and sterilized instruments. The ministry of health in Saudi Arabia is very much concerned about issuing a license to the cupping centers.

They ensure in the first place that Centers must have trained doctors and the treatment would be in the hygienic environment. There are many places in Riyadh that offer this service. These hijama centers in Riyadh are called Prophetic Medicine.

These are the 4 Places famous for Getting Cupping Done in Riyadh. Here are the details of cupping centers in Riyadh:

1-Shefaa Al Hegama Medical Center: It is a healing first of its kind medical cupping center in Hijama therapy and a substitute remedy and complementary in Saudi Arabia. The Shefoa Al Hegama Medical Center holds the experience of more than 10 years in the treatment of cupping prior to its opening.

It has a staff medical in BFH levels right training in the practice of cupping with high proficiency. They make the right diagnosis and cure charges and successfully reach the anticipated result, God willing. Address: Saad Ibn Abi Waqas street (see map) Phone: 9200 09038 Website:

2-Riyadh Cupping Clinic: The second clinic which is famous in Riyadh for blood cupping is ‘Riyadh cupping clinic.’ It is run by Dr. Abu Yusuf and his wife. Address:  It is situated at 8794 Khalid Ibn Al-Walid St, Al Quds, Riyadh 13214 (see map) There are separate contact numbers for men and women for the appointment.

  • For men: 055 968 8994
  • For women: 0506760503

3-New Cupping Center: Another famous hijama center is New Cupping Center. Address: it is situated at

Exit 9, Khalid Bin Alwaleed (see map) Phone: 2000440

4-Dr. Saima Clinic: Another hijama center which is famous for blood cupping is Dr. Saima Clinic runs by Dr. Saima. Address: Ibrahim Al Khayyari, Al Olaya (see map) Phone: 4647976 Mobile: +966 500039568

Source: Destination KSA