Not Expats but Sophia, a Robot gets Saudi citizenship

The Future Investment Initiative program that took place recently was a bit too amazing. One of the speakers at the program was a female humanoid robot. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a robot gave a speech in which she expressed her views and emotions.

The amazing robot is a creation of Hanson Robotic Company located in Hong Kong. The robot, whose name is Sophia, addressed her audience. She told that she wanted to live among human beings and wants to understand them.[irp]

She is motivated to express out herself, she wants humans to connect with her so that relationship of trust can be developed among them. When was she asked that if she was aware of the fact that she is a robot? Do robots know that they are robots? The reply by the robot was interesting.

She asked the one who raised the question if he knew he is a human? Do humans know that they are humans? Are humans self-conscious and aware of it? She then explained that she possesses artificial intelligence (AI) which she wants to utilize for the betterment of human beings.

She briefed that she wants to make this world a better place for human beings. She wants to brighten up their future by designing and creating better homes, buildings, and cities. The robot Sophia was awarded a Saudi citizenship. The news went viral across the world.

It was quite great news; Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a robot. The country has set a record. Saudi Arabia is first ever country to grant a robot a citizenship. The world was amazed to hear the news. The citizenship has been granted to Sophia to honor her desire of achieving human characteristics.  Sophia thanked the Kingdom for granting her the citizenship. She said she is honored to get a Saudi citizenship. By gaining the citizenship, she has set a record.

However, many expatriates raised their eyebrows on the decision. Why doesn’t Saudi Arabia honor them with a citizenship is a question that many expats have now raised?  Shall not the expats who served the nation for years be honored with citizenship?

The use of improved Artificial Intelligence, Quantum computing, robots and machine learning added with reality to produce products and services that can help enhance the productivity of economy was discussed by a panel.

The panel comprised of experts who came from renowned research companies and institutes. The session was named as “Thinking machines: Summit on artificial intelligence and robotics” in the session the ways to enhance business productivity through robotic technology were discussed.

Saudi Arabia is heading towards NEOM project. This is a project dedicated to creating a mega city. The city that would require a capital of $500 billion would be powered by robots and renewable energy. The city would be built on the Red Sea coast. 

The innovative project shall be able to boost up the economy. It is an offshoot of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030. The project aims at paving way for sustainable development.

Source: Arab News