Ibrahim Palace: A 500 years old history you can’t miss in Al-Hofuf Saudi Arabia

The Ibrahim palace is an amazing piece of art of ancient times. The Ibrahim Palace cover the area of about 16,500 square meters. It is wonderful and a huge building with open balconies make its resemblance like a palace. The palace is a unique depiction of military and Islamic architecture.

This palace is rectangular in shape and its boundaries are long walls and have towers on its corner. This building was a masterpiece from the Turkish in eastern Saudi Arabia. The Turkish built it like the shape of military headquarters or barracks. These were the main headquarters of the Ottoman garrison. It is located in Al Hofuf.[irp]

The reason to spend time here is that of the architecture of the palace along with spending time inside the tiny museum within the Palace. The work on this palace began during the early 1550’s by the Ottoman Governor.

The center of this palace was built in 963 Hijri which is The Al Qubba Mosque. The bathrooms, storehouses of ancient weapons of Turkish soldiers and Ottoman orison was built around it. The palace has a round shaped towers with adjacent to walls which enhance its beauty.

Later after the establishment of the Kingdom, it was further constructed. It is extremely hot outside the mosque but the inside of the mosque provides a good pleasant atmosphere. The Palace is open from dawn to dusk for all its visitors.

Though this building is a combination of both Islamic and military architectural style. The military side is represented by huge towers and it contains military lodges for the soldier as well as it has horse stable.   The building’s walls are very tall and consisting of large barriers for protection.

The ceiling of the building looks like it is made of barriers crossed with each other. The architects have given an amazing shape of the ceiling and they made the building amazing look to attract the eyes of the visitors.  The palace lobby is considered having one of the beautiful and unique designs of that time when it was built.

There are some openings in some prominent parts of the palace from where the soldiers can sneak down. there are various small bulging openings in the building which were kept for shooting and observation for the soldier.

During 1331 Hijri when the King of Saudi Arabia announced the annexation of Al Ahsa, he visited this palace.  This building is a historical building, and a landmark so every government should take a good care and maintain it’s real old self.

Source: Al Arabiya