Shadia Bseiso: The First Ever Arab Female to join WWE Wrestling

Arab women are now showing their skills in the field of sports and they are able to prove their talent like professionals. Arab women are indeed motivated to show up their skills in every field. They are in a wake of breaking the stereotypes that women can’t be sporty nor can undergo harsh physical exercises.

Shadia Bseiso is another woman who had just surprised us all. The young and talented lady has become the first ever female wrestler belonging from the Middle East. Shadia Bseiso belongs to Jordan and has now been signed up for the renowned wrestling organization The WWE. [irp]

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, WWE! Bseiso had a great passion for sports, however not being assured where to jump in, she pursued her career as a TV presenter. She had been a Dubai-based radio presenter. However, when she got a chance for sports, she readily grabbed the opportunity.

She figured out that jiu-jitsu is her type of exercise. She gained professional skills, competed internationally and went to WWE officials to show up her skills. Watching her performance, the officials readily gave her the contract.


It has been four years since Bseiso is training in jiu-jitsu. She is motivated to gain a black belt, but that is not very easy. It takes a minimum of eight years of training to get a black belt! But she is motivated and she believes that sooner or later she will achieve it.

She is trained at CrossFit and has won a bronze medal at a Jiu-jitsu tournament held in Dubai. She has also competed in the international tournament held in Los Angeles named as World Championships. She indeed is a mighty lady!

She has been able to perform physically tough exercises such as CrossFit and now has mastered them. She says that sports have changed her life. Pursuing Jiu-jitsu was a life-changing decision for her. Her struggle has been real and it has been able to pave way for her.

Women of the Arab world look forward to her. She is indeed rising as a role model for them. She is determined to become a good role model for the rest of the women belonging to the Arab world. She says she is honored to be the first women ever from the Middle East to get into the WWE.

She told that she wants to be an inspiration for all the females to tell them that sky is not the limit. It is not only about sports. It’s about following your dream with passion. She wants to deliver the message to the world that age and sex do not matter, just work hard to achieve your passion and dream.

She will be moving to Orlando in January where she will be trained to perform at the WWE center. She will be attending the WWE wrestling school and would be trained by the professional wrestlers. She hopes to get called up at NXT so that she would perform live in the ring in front of hundreds of viewers while millions at homes would be watching her on their TV screens!

Source: Arab News