2 arrested for robbing and slapping an expatriate in Saudi Arabia

A video that showed two men stealing money and physically harming an Asian man went viral few days ago on social media. In the video it was seen that a man (Asian national) was forcefully pulled out of a car, was physically abused by two men who later emptied his wallet and ran away.

The video that became trending on social media called upon the authorities. The social media users asked the Saudi authorities to catch up the criminals and serve justice to the Asian. People on social media shared the video and asked the authorities to prompt into action. They called that such criminals should be readily arrested and shall be made subject to harsh punishments.[irp]

The people said that such gangs are roaming around in the streets, assaulting people and stealing away their valuables. Over the past few weeks, such gangs have become very active and thereby an action shall be taken. Our authorities shall crack these gangs down for good.

They are a threat towards the security of people of Saudi Arabia. If necessary action is not taken against them on time, they will build themselves stronger and it would not only be difficult to crack them down but also many people would suffer by then.

The Twitter and Facebook got flooded with such calls. And the authorities prompt into action. The authorities were able to arrest the criminals within 48 hours. The security teams were able to get their hands upon the gang. The security sources claim that the gang has been arrested and are under investigation.

On hearing the news of their arrest, people were delighted and asked that they shall be punished harshly. Not only such criminal provides financial loss to their victims but also physically abuse them. People asked authorities to serve the victims of this gang with justice.

Their stolen valuables shall be recovered and returned to them.  The people said that they are waiting for a public punishment of these gangs. The security authorities claimed that this is not the first gang they had arrested during this week.

Earlier this week, another gang was arrested who used to make taxi drivers their victims. They would simply hire a taxi and would guide him down to a remote area. They would then threaten the driver by showing up their weapons.

The poor victims had no option but to surrender and give their valuables and cash away to them. They would them run away leaving the poor drivers in a misery of losing away what they had earned through hard work all day long.

We hope that our authorities would be vigilant and would get their hands upon such gangs. Such gangs are a threat to peaceful life in Saudi Arabia. We are proud of our efficient authorities who come into action at the time and serve people rightfully. 

Source: Sabq

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