8 things only people spending Eid away from Home can understand

The blessed day of Eid is upon us, however, not everyone is lucky enough to spend this joyous occasion with their friends and family in their home country. There may be different reasons why somebody was not able to celebrate Eid at home, but all of the people away from home on Eid are feeling this way;

1-Kisses, Hugs, and Food: Missing all of the special treatment that your family and friends would give you whenever you would go meet them. Kisses, hugs, and food were what would welcome you back home.

2-No Eidi (Eid Gift): Dealing with the massive disappointment of not being able to get any Eidi (Eid Gift) from your family back home. No Riyal for you this year I’m afraid.

You can literally feel the monetary loss you have had by not getting Eidi. Not getting over the fact that there will absolutely be no Eidi going into your pocket this year. I just cannot get over the fact.

3-No last minute shopping for Eid on Eid Night: Not being able to perform the vital last minute shopping for Eid on Eid Night with your family and/or friends. No sisters or cousins for you to take bangle shopping or to apply henna on their hands.

You missed out on all the late night hangouts with all the friends and cousins, which is the Real Eid Party for the youngsters. The traditional Eid parties are for the adults more than for the children.

4-Neither Mother nor Father to wake you up: Not having your mom and dad to scream at the top of their lungs at you in order for you to wake up and get out of bed for Eid prayers.

You also secretly miss wishing other locals of your area Eid Mubarak and also other worshippers who have come to pray at the same mosque as you.

5-Eid Sweets: Not being able to eat any sweet which are prepared especially on Eid by your mother, who makes them absolutely perfectly.

6-Dress well: Not being able out dress all your other siblings and/or cousins and friends, regardless of the fact whether you are a male or female, we all dress to impress on Eid.

7-Every Single Detail: Trying not to get overwhelmed by all the feelings of missing Eid, family, friends, Eidi, food and anything else that you can think of. You are going to be missing every single thing about Eid.

This is especially true if everybody back home is posting pictures of the celebrations, in their brand new clothes, eating your favorite food.

8-Youtube: You will miss everything to such an extent that you will open up YouTube and start watching the 2018 Ramadan Advertisement because they know exactly how it is that you are feeling. 

There is always skype to take you back home virtually. On this sad note, we wish you, Eid Mubarak, wherever you may be and hope that you enjoy this joyous occasion.

I know many of you have been sacrificing for the better future of your younger generation, I respect you for that!

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