An Expat won 4 Years Iqama worth SR 40,000 in a bet with Sponsor

As we all know the importance of Iqama and residence permit for the foreigners who live in Saudi Arabia. Without Iqama they are not allowed to live or work in Saudi Arabia. As it is a legal permission to live and work. A Yemeni Expat living in Saudi Arabia took internet this week.[irp]

He came to the matter of talk. He won a bet through social media website Facebook. As nowadays we are all aware of the social media trend of this generation. The social media has become part of our daily life. People spend more time on Facebook than they spend talking to their family.

A Yemeni expat named Jalal Ahmad from Taez living in Saudi Arabia had a bet with his Saudi Employer. He posted an image of his Saudi employer on Facebook and asked the Facebook users to help him for winning his bet.

According to the terms and conditions of the bet, if he would be able to get 1,500 likes within 24 hours he will win four years’ residence permit without any charge. The cost of four years’ residence permit is around SR 40,000 after taking into account the Calculation of Work Permit Levy.

 He posted a post on his Facebook with a message “I am truly serious about this bet and I want you to help me in securing the likes.” He was surprised to see that in just a few hours his post got 33,000 likes and more than 7,500 comments.

Many people supported him and some criticized him saying Bet is not allowed in Islam. He thanked all his supporters. People on the Facebook liked and commented on this post, while some shared it thinking it a serious post while others shared it as a funny post.

However, in few hours his post went viral. Everyone was amazed by this post. There is nothing wrong to say that his post was welcomed by many but many hated and pointed him out saying he should stop betting as it is not allowed in Islam. Some said it is a foolish step taken by this Yemeni expat, this can affect his professional relations with his employee.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is that he won his bet and secured his four years’ residence permit. He later thanked all his supporter saying, “My brother and sponsor said he would honor his pledge, I like to thank all those who supported me even they don’t know me.”