7,000 years old mysterious structure with 400 Ancient Stones discovered in Saudi Arabia

Living around volcanoes is something very difficult to do and for that reason populated areas around volcanoes are remote. But this was not the case when archaeologists found 400 stone mysterious structures on the edge of volcanoes in the remote desert of Saudi Arabia.

This discovery obviously came as a shock and it was found that the structures are about seven thousand years old. But no one could figure out what were the structures for or why do they exist at such place. The structures appear as if they are field gates with heights ranging from 43 feet (13 meters) to 1699 feet (518 meters).[irp]

Some of the very tall structures are built on ancient lava domes, these structures were found in the Saudi Harrat Khaybar region. Some gates go up from the side of the lava dome and these strange clusters of stone structures appear to be man-made but archaeologists could not figure out the purpose of these gates. The stone structures are classified into two types

1-Multiple stone walls that form a rectangular pattern.

2-The second type is known as ‘l’ type, it has one stone wall with piles of stones at the ends.

The question still remains that why such places were inhabited? Experts say that these places might have been more hospitable than they are now.

David Kennedy of the University of Western Australia states that the purpose and age of these structures remain unknown. He also says that the gates have been found in places exposed to elements and barren lava fields with no water and vegetation which is inhospitable for humans.

He also tells us that the gates have been made low and rough and purely out of stone. Lava remains have been found on top of some of the gates, this suggests that these are older than some of the lava flows, this also suggests that these stone structures are very old.

But the mystery of these structures remains unknown, all we can infer is that these are old structures which might have been built in these places when they were more hospitable as they are now. Other than that it very difficult to figure out the purpose of such tall gate structures and clusters in such places.