Why do Hindus love to hate Taj Mahal in India?

Taj Mahal is located in Agra, the city of India. It was built during the Mughal Empire. This beautiful building was built by Shah Jahan, a Mughal emperor who built this building as a symbol of love in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Jahan. This is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.[irp]

It is an amazing historical architecture built with white marbles. Tourist also has the charm to visit Taj Mahal on their visit to India. It is a beautiful tourist spot.  UNESCO World Heritage site celebrated it as the most photographed monument in history.

Now, this monument of love is hated in India by the Hindu community. But with the arrival of Narendra Modi Prime minister of India, everything has changed. Hindu majority has started hating it. They have removed Taj Mahal from the list of tourism campaigns of Uttar Pradesh (Province in India where Taj Mahal is situated). There are many reasons related to the hatred for Taj Mahal.

1-First and the basic reason behind this is that the Taj Mahal is a landmark of Muslims. The fight and hatred between Muslim and Hindu community are not considered to be very old. Everyone is aware of the hate and hostility between Muslims and Hindus.

Narendra Modi extreme hatred for the Muslims let him feel like the Muslims will make them a slave. His fears of ruling under Muslim Community had become a reason to hate Muslims and their architectures.

2-Another reason behind the hatred is they think that Taj Mahal was a Hindu Temple. As they said it before they martyred Babri Mosque in the 19th century. Babri Mosque was martyred claiming that it was built on the place where their Lord Ram was born.

The same type of reason is used target Taj Mehal saying that it is built on a temple while some used to say that it is a temple itself. A bright spark came up saying that Taj Mahal had been a Rajput Palace which was gifted to Mughal Emperor by one of his Rajput leaders.

Hindus terrible thought of dropping the Taj Mahal had caused the people think, will they rewrite the history of 1000 years. What are the Hindus really trying to do? They are trying to take such step because Taj Mahal does not represent Hindu culture and heritage.

Hindutva’s project to paint India Saffron had extended to an extreme. They just don’t want to see any of the Muslims and Mughal project in their secular state. But this hatred can destroy their land. They should get themselves united to save their historical architectures.

Source: Saudi Gazette