21 members of a family arrested for begging in 5 cars in Saudi Arabia

With the passage of time, beggars have also become aware and found different ways of begging. As many people who are not supposed to beg they have started begging rather than finding any particular job. A new trend of begging with luxury cars has also emerged in Saudi Arabia.[irp]

Beggars of this class don’t roam in sun, don’t stand at traffic signals or at the malls, they don’t sit on the roadside pavements. Beggars of this class drive expensive cars and roam with their families and hunt the prey.

A family of 21 members of beggars was recently arrested in Saudi Arabia. They were engaged in their activities throughout the Buraidah, the capital of Al Qasim region. The beggar’s family members used five cars. One of the car from it was a new model. They used luxurious cars to move to different places for begging.

The police arrested all the relatives as they were busy in their work as this is really strange that who would like to beg after having cars and flat? The spoke person of Al Qassim Police, Bader Al Suhaibani said, they were easily able to track 21 members of this family including woman and children, they were suspected for illegal begging.

These all the relatives used a flat where they organize their meetings and plans. They usually stop cars and asked the drivers for some help and demand some money, claiming that they needed it urgently. SR 12,000 were also found from the family.

Moreover, police also found some jewelry and residence permit in other Gulf Cooperation Council countries.  By opposing all the facilities, they were not supposed to beg. These types of beggars should be arrested as it is illegal for them to beg, they would have found a job rather than begging as in this case they take away the right of people who are in real need of money.

Once I faced some begging with luxury cars at a shopping mall at Dammam. He was a Saudi young fellow having a religious, mutawa-like appearance. He approached my car and he was in a big SUV vehicle, children and a few women having Abaya accompanied him.

Soon after casual pleasantries he said that he was coming back from the Holy City of Makkah, his vehicle broke down in the way and he had to spend all the money he had with him to pay for repair costs. While lifting his hands towards heavens and praying for me he asked that he needs money to take his family back to home.

I gave him some money and headed towards my car, hearing his voice behind me reciting supplications. This situation of beggary brings a bad name to the country. State authorities are striving hard for eliminating this curse. A series of programs are announced for the welfare of the citizens.

Source: Gulf News