111 years old Saudi with 49 children shares the secret of his long life

Long life is also a blessing from Allah. Very recently, a Saudi man named Khunaifer Al Dhiyabi was found whose age was about 111 years according to his national identity card. But according to his saying he was more than 120 years old.

This is the problem in most Arab countries as well as in many other countries that the exact age of the old peoples cannot be easily identified because their actual and formal birth records are missing. He said as age is decided by Allah and there is no secret which made him extend his life.[irp]

It’s all God’s will. He shared his diet with the people. He said, “His daily diet usually consists of Dates and camel milk and he walks in the desert sand daily.” He prescribed the young ones of this time that if they wanted to live a long life they should start eating healthy and hygienic food and should avoid restaurants.

He said his daily routine is very simple and does not consist of any difficult work. He wakes up early in the morning and he spends the whole day with his camels and family members. He said he is not only one who had got such a long life. Her aunt also died at a very old age and she was also gifted with sharp memory till her death.

He still member and recalls his memories. He talked a bit about his life and said he was married twice and had 7 daughters and 4 sons and now 38 grandchildren. His memory is still sharp and he still recalls his past life. 

He was interviewed by Saudi news channel where he said, he doesn’t feel lonely, he may need a cane to walk more steadily, he can sit on a chair and wear eyeglasses but still has good and sharp memory and he can recall all his events and date and major developments.

Khunaifer had seen many changes during his lifetime. During the time when he was growing up, a camel was sold for 40 riyals and but now the prices had reached to its extent and camels prices had risen to millions.

He said life has changed a lot from the past, he has seen many revolutions in his life. He talked about the communication system of past days. According to him if a person moves to another village, the only source which informs about him was other travelers.

Khunaifer offered Hajj three times riding camels. He met King Abdul Aziz Al Saud on Mount Arafat during one off his Hajj. He shared his memories before the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was united by King Abdul Aziz, the country was divided into tribes, they fought against each other, and the tribe leader was its ruler.

There was no security system. The situation was although very miserable until Ibn Saud united the Country and then this became the unification of the tribes and it let the society become a safer and good place to live. He ruled that time when before courts the matters and disputes were handled by the tribal system. 

Source: Gulf News