We Buried 5 Indian Workers alive for harassing sponsor’s daughter

Remains of humans: There is a farm which belongs to an elderly woman who rents it out. Before renting the farm to Ali Habib, the farm was rented out to another person. Recently, Ali Habib discovered the remains of humans on the farm while he was cleaning it up.

The farm which covers an area of 20,000 square meters was quite messy. It was deserted and thereby was no less than a trash area. Before holding any activity there, Ali Habib had to clear out the waste from there. As he was cleaning up the rented farm, he discovered thighbone.

5 Indians were buried alive: He first thought that it belonged to some dead animal. But to his surprise, there were undergarments and a ring along with the remains. This made him certain that humans were buried there. He dug up more and found that not one but multiple people were buried underneath.

The names of the Indian Workers buried alive were Fadvila Selim, Shajhan Abu Bakr, Akbar Hussein Bashir, Sheikh Daoud and Lasir Amir Asafa Tam. 

The case went up to the concerned authorities who dug up the farm and found out that the bones belonged to five Indian nationals. Five Asian men, identified as Indian nationals were buried alive in 2010.

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Their arms and legs were tied up with a rope: These nationals were all men. Their arms and legs were tied up with a rope and their mouth was filled with cotton and sealed with duct tape. Certainly, Habib had not discovered a grave. No one buries someone like that in a grave, the men were murdered.

The investigation teams found out that the men were buried along with their ID cards which helped them to trace their nationality. The reports concluded that the men were buried in 2010. The Eastern Province police came into action and started a hunch over the matter.

25 people had been arrested: As they were looking for the murderer, they were able to arrest 25 people who held a connection with the murder case of 5 Indian men. These suspects included both Saudi nationals and expats. The suspects were taken for investigation at the Safwa police station.

The case got solved when three men confessed to having killed the 5 Indian workers. The three men told in a hearing at the Qatif General Court that they were responsible for the murder of those 5 men. They also told that they tortured them physically for hours and then buried them alive at the farm.

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Sexual Harassment case: According to the statements of one of the man, he and his friend were driving when they received a call from their friend. They were called at the farm and they reached there. The men told that they were under influence of alcohol and drugs before they reached the farm.

They reached the farm at about 10 at night and saw 5 men tied at the seating place. The friends asked their host that why were these men were tied up. Their friend told that one of these men had sexually harassed his sponsor’s daughter and some other women. So as a punishment all 5 were tied up.

Culprits were drug addicts: The five men were unconscious, revealed one of the victims. He further added that they went into another room and started having alcohol. He also said they smoked Hashish there. As we were doing so, they hear the men screaming in pain, it annoyed one of them and he went up to him and slapped hard on his face to make him quiet.

Another murderer later went out with a stick, hit the man until he started to bleed. They then took those 5 expats to another room and started beating them up. They told that they would drink alcohol and smoke as they were physically torturing them.

They buried them with their ID cards: The host told his two friends that there was a hole near the farm’s entrance and that they shall bury them alive in that hole. The rest of the two friends agreed upon the disgusting idea and tied the five men with ropes and tapes so that they could not retaliate.

The host brought in a truck, the victims were loaded into it and were buried alive in the 2.5 meters’ deep hole. They buried them with their ID cards. The two friends left the place at the time of Morning Prayer while their host remained there.

The Saudi court has sentenced all the 3 criminals to death. Three Saudi nationals namely, Jassem Bin Jassim Bin Hassan Al-Mutawa, Ammar Bin Yusri Bin Ali Al-Dahim, and Murtada Bin Hashim Bin Mohammed Al-Musawi were found guilty by the court. 

The three culprits of the case were charged with drinking liquor, smoking cannabis, murder, and theft. A death sentence has been given to them by the court of Qatif governorate. 

Source: Arab News