Egyptian Wife makes all the arrangements of Husband’s second marriage

Her Husband wanted to have a 2nd Wife: An Egyptian wife took the internet by storm this week. She not only allowed his husband to go for a second marriage but also readily participated in his marriage! The pictures of the wedding were uploaded on social media and people started to discuss it.

Later on, it was revealed that an Egyptian woman who is married to a person named Mo’taz Hilal, was leading a stable married life. They had children and held a good bond. Hilal always had a desire to hold a second marriage. He wanted to get married to another woman for sake of extending his family.

The first wife got upset initially: He said that he wanted to have more children and thereby went for a second marriage. On his own Facebook account, he posted the photos of his second marriage. His first wife was sitting along with the newly married couple!

The picture was shared with a caption that he always wanted to hold a second marriage and told about it to his first wife. In the early days of hearing the news, the wife got upset but as she loved him so later on that she later agreed to it.

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The first wife made all the marriage arrangements: He also added that his first wife took part in arranging the wedding ceremony. She played a major role in his second marriage as she was the one who convinced his second’s wife parents for the marriage. He disclosed that his both wives are truly happy with each other, they hold a unique bond with each other.

Well, he never knew that his post would go viral on social media and he would be criticized heavily for his act. He himself said he never knew that his post would make rounds on the internet. Where few of the people congratulated him and blessed him for his new life, many raised questions.

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People called the man selfish: People asked that how come his first wife agree to it? And if she did, how come she took part in arrangement and the marriage. People couldn’t get through it and said that no wife can make such a “compromise”.

A woman gets broken inside by the idea that she has to share her love, her companion: her husband! Some people were amazed and asked if that they were living in the 21st century? Are women of this age to make such compromises? People called the man selfish.

They said that if his wife loves him so dearly, he must not misuse the trust and love. Some claimed that the husband must have forced her to accept his second wife. While some said that the husband must not be a good one and the wife thought that this was the best way to escape.

3825 Egyptian Wife makes all the arrangements of Husband’s second marriage - Copy

Islam allows Polygamy: Well, there were few who could perfectly relate to the matter. The matter of second marriage in Islam. The Muslim men are allowed to hold 4 marriages but there are conditions imposed on it. Islam is a religion that allows polygamy. Islam allowed polygamy for sake of widows and orphans.

A man is allowed to marry again if he can treat all his wives equally. But Allah also declared that if you have reason to fear that you might not be able to treat them with equal fairness, then restrict yourself to one marriage. This will make it more likely that you will not deviate from the right course

Source: Facebook Post