Al Aziziya – A dangerous neighborhood with 80% Expatriates Population

In Saudi Arabia, you will find neighborhoods that dominated by expats. In some major cities of Saudi Arabia, expats have formed communities. You would be amazed to go through them, they look less like Saudi Arabia and reflect more of where expats have hailed from.

The issue is not that expats have formed neighborhood along cities. Of course, Saudi Arabia is a home to different nationals and when people from different countries come here they feel comfortable to live with people of their home country.[irp]

Yet the problem here is that some of these neighborhoods have turned out to be dangerous. These neighborhoods which comprise of people belonging to different nationalities are now posing a security threat to themselves as well as people around them. People there are living in old and weak buildings which might fall anytime!

The buildings are equipped with poor sewage system which often overflows and contaminates the streets with waste. The electric wiring is not safe. Wires are seen hanging out and they are made up of such a cheap material that they cause short-circuiting. The Saudi nationals are now being frustrated by such neighborhoods.

For instance, if we talk about the Al Aziziyah which is located in Hail, 80% of the people living there are non-Saudis. The residents there are expats who are single. The security at the neighborhood is poor, no vital facilities are provided at the place which is now causing the problem to the Saudi nationals around.

For instance, poor maintenance and faulty wiring have caused fire several times. God forbids if a major incident takes place not only the place would burn down, but also residents living around would suffer from it as well. Saudi residents have complained about this several times about it, but our authorities are reluctant to take up the matter.

The Saudi residents feel insecure. They say that expats workers who belong to various nationalities often move around in streets in forms of groups and sometimes have a fight. As security services are merely absent at the neighborhood, if they get into a fight, it would be difficult to stop them and they might end up in a huge mess.

The unplanned neighborhood ironically lies close to the commercial area and in the middle of the city! Such a place shall be equipped with facilities, shall be planned and monitored.  As expats are in great number here, Saudis are reluctant to rent an apartment there.

One of the Saudi said that only financial constraint has forced him to stay here. Otherwise, he would have moved out of such a place. Most of the expat workers are jobless and move all day and night along the streets.

The Saudis living in the neighborhood feel insecure while sending their child out. The sewage system is worse of its kind and the streets are always smelly. We have to pay to truck drivers to pull to throw away the trash as sewage overflows about 12 times a month!

This is only one case; we have multiple other communities near cities that have turned into a trash bin! We need an improvement, our authorities need to plan and organize these places so that not only residents can live in a hygienic and secure environment but so as the people who live in the neighborhood.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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