I will take revenge for the death of your son – Saudi Crown Prince

An Attack on the Al-Salam Palace: As everyone is quite aware of the news of the attack on the check post of Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah. Al Salaam Palace is a place where the Royal family conduct their business matters. Two soldiers were martyred and three were injured during this attack.

After this incident, Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman called Faisal Al Sibei, father of martyred soldier Abdullah Al Sibei on Tuesday. Crown Prince said, “We have learned about the incident. With God’s will, they fought and died for the sake of God.

I want you to know 2 things: May God bless you. They have strengthened our will. “I want you to know two things: I will avenge your son’s death. Secondly, you are like my father, I want you to consider me as one of your children.” The Prince added.

The father replied that he and his sons are loyal to the Kingdom, their religion, and the King. Later on Monday, the head of the Royal Guards General Suhail Al-Motairi, and other senior officials visited the family members of the Royal Guards who were martyred in the attack.

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Hammad Al Mutairi was the second martyr of that attack. He conveyed to them condolence of custodians of two Holy Mosques King Salman and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. Our soldiers are the guardians of our country, they protect the country and put their life on the line for our country.

They fight valiantly and send out the message of fear to the people who threaten to harm us. It is because of them that we sleep peacefully at night knowing that our borders are protected by these brave young men who put their life on the line for the pride and wellbeing of our country.

Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman donated SR 6 million in Madina: Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman has donated six million Saudi Riyal to the charitable societies of Madina region from his personal account. This was a part of the project of Prince Muhammad Bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz.  Money was to support and help the charitable societies.

In Madina, there are four charitable societies that are working for the helping of about 4,849 peoples which includes orphans, divorcees, widows, elderly and all the needy men and women and poor families. The support in the form of this money is a beneficial support which can help them to meet their basic requirements which can further be helpful for their betterment.

Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman started to support all the charitable societies in all the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They started this scheme from their capital Riyadh region where the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman donated SR 23 million to 14 charitable societies to meet the requirements of 11,680 needy and deserving peoples.

Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman donated SR 15 million in Makkah: In Makkah, The Crown Prince donated 15 million Saudi riyals through 10 charitable societies for 14,914 beneficiaries. In the eastern province, the amount 16 million Saudi riyals was donated to 10 charitable societies for helping the exceeding amount of 41,000 persons. Last week the amount of SR16 million was donated to 12 charitable societies for 7,296 needy.

This is a wonderful step taken by The Crown Prince. This will not only be helpful for the deserving people but is also a good step for the development of the better country. It will also help to stop the increasing crime rates, as the needy will get financial support which will forbid them to commit a crime for the sake of money.

I will cordially appreciate this step of the Saudi Government and should say that every government should take such steps for the betterment of their country.

Source: Saudi Gazette