How I am fighting the Breast Cancer like a soldier? Reham Afandi shares her story

Cancer has always been referred to as an incurable ailment, and a cancer patient is always under the death stare. But sometimes we see people with a great will and hope, stronger than the medicine. Breast Cancer is becoming common in women but kudos to them, they are fighting it like soldiers, fighting a war against cancer.

The world is becoming a global village, and education has brought a lot of changes in our society, one such change is awareness, which of course is more than just important in any illness. Quite recently a Saudi Rubaiyat Department Store held a Pink Week, in collaboration with Zahra Association.[irp]

A five-day Pink-Themed week had all that was required: motivational speakers, quizzes. On the third day of the event, Oct 5th, a motivation came upon the stage. Reham Afandi who was fighting and surviving the breast cancer, and she was more a motivation than a motivational speaker.

Her presence was a hope among all, with her vibrant smiling face, she was giving an aura of hope, strong will and survival. When a woman uptakes a challenge, she can do wonders, and that’s what Reham did. Reham is a mother of two, a 33-year-old Zumba coach and resides in Jeddah.

She narrated her story of how it all began. “I was sleeping and all of a sudden I felt a solid ball in my breast”. She got worried, of course, for it’s unusual for any woman.  Reham took an appointment and paid a visit to the concerned Doctor. When her report came, she was found having breast cancer.

It hit her hard, and like every one of us, she was shocked but she wasn’t disheartened. As we all know when it comes to a woman, a woman is physically very weak but internally she is strong though if she can bear the pain of childbirth bravely, she can bear any pain.

She was afraid of death as everyone has the fear of her family and children. Initial thoughts when the word cancer comes in mind, but then her life, her kids, and husband became a light of hope, and she started with the cure, the treatment.

Chemotherapy was tough, painful and fearful, Reham says, and she had a fear of losing her body hair. Chemotherapy is a laser-based treatment given to cancer patients which is not only painful but also comes with a lot of side effects. Reham was speaking, standing on stage, a bright smiling face, giving power and hope to the listeners and affected.

She told how she fought all with the help and support of her husband, kids, and family. She went bald, shaved off her head and took the laughs of everybody as a joke. She made her little kids understand her ailment and disease in easy words and ways.

Reham spoke and shook everyone with a wave of hope, how she changed after her first breast was removed during the treatment. Women can cut their hair short but no woman has the courage to lose her hair completely or shave her head. She stood an example of hope and patience for every cancer fighter.

As Affandi said, “The power of healing lies in hope and positivity.” After listening to her inspirational story Bascal Abu Abdullah a writer at Saudi newspaper, Al Hayat spoke to Arab News, “Seeing Reham shining on the stage with a smile, you realize that among the audience there were women who can’t even draw a smile on their faces.

This tells us that cancer is not only a physical disease but also a psychological one. So, if you have faith and hope like Reham, you deserve an applause.”

Source: Arab News