The famous Saudi ‘Cat Killer” is Jailed for 1 Year in Jeddah

Islam is a religion that guides us to remain peaceful, it teaches us to be kind towards other human beings as well as animals. We ought to be kind towards animals as they are living creatures, they need food and water to live, they get sick and they have feelings.

But then we have people who mistreat animals and simply think that it’s okay to hurt them. Well, it is certainly not okay. I am proud of our Saudi authorities who have taken an action against animal abuse. Most of us do remember that Cat Killer in Saudi Arabia.

The unidentified person used to kill cats around in Jeddah. He had a social media account over which he would post videos of him hunting down cats to death. He has been reported to kill about tens of cats. Earlier in the month of August, his video of killing a cat with a rifle while it was drinking water from a bowl went viral.

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He posted several videos of him killing the cats. In one of his videos, he used a cat filter via Snapchat application and filmed a video. In the video, he was cursing his neighbors who had provided water and food to the wild cats. Seriously! Using a cat filter for cursing someone who takes care of cats?

His videos caused outrage among social media users. People would post his videos and demand authorities to stop the man from brutally killing the cats. No one has a right to kill animals like that. Even if he hates animals or if they irritate him so much, he cannot kill them.

The people of Saudi Arabia asked authorities to take up an action against the Cat Killer of Jeddah. Our authorities were prompt into action and Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture gave out a statement. They told that the ministry would take up an action against the unethical act done by the man.

They also briefed that the act is against the teachings of Islam. Our religion commands kind behavior with animals. The act underdone by the man is against the rules and laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  For those who don’t know, our beloved Prophet PBUH used to love cats.

It is now reported that the Cat Killer is arrested and has been sentenced 1 year of imprisonment along with a fine of SR 20,000. He has been ordered to delete his social media account. The Cat Killer had not only gone against the Islamic teachings but also the country’s cybercrime law.

Source: Sabq Newspaper

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