Saudi Expat arrested for wearing Abaya to meet her girlfriend

A Story from Egypt: Saudi We all hear different love stories around us. Some stories sound fine but some stories make us feel amazing. We have heard about many lovers but recently I heard a strange story of a lover. This story is from Egypt.  In Arab countries, meeting your lover is just like a challenge.

The people of these countries know all these circumstances. They follow Arab culture; Arab culture is very unique. Women usually stay at home. Most women are not allowed to go out because the head of the family feel ashamed that his wife or any woman of the house go out to work.

Ahmad works in Saudi Arabia: Mostly, women wear Abaya while going outside the home. An Egyptian man named Ahmad of 22 years fell in love with a girl whom he proposed several times but was not able to achieve her father's acceptance.

Ahmad was working in Saudi Arabia. He returned to his hometown from Saudi Arabia. After much ignorance, he decided to meet his girlfriend who lived in a village Sowada Abu Shalabi Al Sharqeya.

3809 Saudi Expat arrested for wearing Niqab to meet her girlfriend 01

His girlfriend was alone at home: One day when he came to know that his girlfriend is alone at home while her parents were away, Ahmad decided to go to her house. Ahmad was firm in his plan.

He borrowed an Abaya from somewhere and decided to go to his girlfriend's house. He wore an Abaya and quietly moved toward her home. But the bad luck of the guy, he forgot to change his shoes.

He was caught: God has created men and women with different characteristics. Villagers recognized him by his walking style and his shoes.  As he moved further to his girlfriend's house people stopped him and removed his hijab.

People caught him and beat him on a humiliating tour around the village, they pressurized him to know his intentions. Later they handled him to public prosecution for investigation.

3809 Saudi Expat arrested for wearing Niqab to meet her girlfriend 02

A lesson for young lovers: Now Ahmad is arrested and the matter is not yet cleared. Our society also does not allow such things. These types of acts are not bearable anyway. At the age of 22, we all are well mature to think of our good and bad.

This incident is also a lesson for some lovers. From this incident, we came to know that we should not make our decisions out of emotions. We should think twice before we take any step. God has always planned something better for us.  Love is not everything.

Source: Al Arabiya