Saudis are on the road to teach driving to their wives, mothers, and sisters

After the historical Royal decree to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia, our women can now get driving license and drive. The decree issued by King Salman has uplifted the driving ban on the Saudi women. This new law would help uplift our economy as working ladies would not be having transportation issues anymore.

They can drive by themselves to the workplace and come back home in their own vehicles. Making our women independent would improve their work efficiency. This decree will be improving Saudi Arabia both socially and economically. King Salman’s decree has also called for the establishment of a committee.[irp]

This committee shall be consisting of members from three of the ministries. The ministries of internal affairs, finance, labor and social development are given the task of formulating a joint committee that shall work upon the edict. They have been given a month for the accomplishment of their task. This will help the government to execute the law by June 2018.

Where the Saudi women are excited and are gearing themselves up to drive their cars, Saudi husbands, brothers and sons are well supporting their views. They are teaching their wives, sisters, and mothers the skill of driving. The Saudis themselves are excited to give the steering of the vehicle in the hands of their women.

They want to ensure that as soon as the government implements the law, their women by then shall know how to drive. Most of the Saudi men are busy giving their women a driving lesson. On weekends and after their office they give a driving lesson to their women.

Saudi men are seen on roads teaching their women how to drive. The social media is also flooded with posts where Saudi husbands are seen teaching their wives the skill of driving. Faisal BaDughaish, a Saudi national, also posted a photo on Twitter. In the photo, it can be seen that his wife is driving the car under his instructions.

The photo is taken by Faisal himself (a selfie) where he is sitting next to his wife who is on the driving seat and has the steering in her hands. The photo posted on twitter said that Faisal is teaching his wife how tweeted a photo of him in a car with his wife driving.

He said that they are conducting the driving lesson in a private car. They go out to a secure and safe area for the purpose and are engaged in the pure legal activity. 

Looking at men supporting the law and their women is a great thing! This is giving women the confidence that they require for driving the vehicles. We hope to see great female drivers on the roads of Saudi Arabia soon!Many other husbands and brothers have posted similar stuff on social media.

However, it should be important to mention here that women are not yet allowed to drive a vehicle on the roads in Saudi Arabia. It is an illegal act to even train them for the said purpose at this point in time. Government is working to open women driving schools where women can go and learn driving.

Source: Al Arabiya

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